Pizzamo Pizza: The Home of 12" Thin-Crust Square Pizza

Pizzamo Pizza is a homegrown Davaobased pizza franchise known for their buy 1 take 1 pizza and 12" thin-crust, square-cut pizzas. All the pizzas that come out of Pizzamo Pizza make their signature dough, which took them years to perfect. That is one reason why Pizzamo Pizza became a local pizza darling in Davao city. They currently offer nine (9) pizza flavors that come in 1 size only, signature 12" pizza. Each order of pizza is made fresh with each order and is crafted with only premium ingredients.  PIZZAMO FLAVORS: GARLIC CHEESE PIZZA HAM AND CHEESE PORK SISIG PIZZA HAWAIIAN PIZZA BEEF MUSHROOM PIZZA SHAWARMA PIZZA TWO CHEESE PIZZA TUNA PIZZA SWEET CINNAMON PIZZA Here's what you can expect from Pizzamo Pizza... The Pizzamo Pizza place looks very welcoming and very casual. The staff very accommodating and you can't feel intimidated. Bright, clean, sanitized, and a place where you'd love to enjoy pizza and frappe.