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I'm saying YES to Frappuccino® Treat for Two

Starbucks Birthday Card Today I just bought my 5th the Starbucks Birthday Card. A card that would surely be appreciated as a gift to a coffee lover family member, friend or loved one on their special day.  As a treat, I'm going to use this in the Starbucks promotion Frappuccino® Treat for Two which I will enjoy a buy one, get one offer on Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino Blended Beverage for me and my husband starting tomorrow Monday april 28 to 29, 2014 from 2pm-5pm only. Starbucks promotion Frappuccino® Treat for Two And as Starbucks Philippines said, "Rest well and have a good weekend. Make sure you have energy for what's in store on Monday and Tuesday - Frappuccino® Treat for Two! Who's excited?"

Starbucks Card Collections

Why am I collecting Starbucks Card? It started by the time I got my Starbucks 2012 Card Aroma Coffee Cups Mug Green Steam Swirl design last year during the Starbucks Davao Blogger event. It's loaded with P1,000 by Starbucks. The event happened at Starbucks SM Lanang Premier. Starbucks 2012 Aroma Coffee Cups I registered my Starbucks card and redeemed my (1) free Grande handcrafted beverage with up to two (2) free add-ons for the first time registration to my new Starbucks card account. (my favorite add-ons are java chips and coffee jelly) It's nice to have the Starbucks card because I've used the stored value at the Starbucks Boracay Station 1 coffee shop, and Starbucks Ayala Cebu coffee shop while we're on vacation with my husband and brother. I've also reloaded it and got another free grande drink for my 12th purchased and a sweet treat of cake on my birthday.  Starbucks Boracay Station 1 coffee shop, and Starbuck

#DBSParty 2014 Davao Blogger Society Community Vibe

Joining & attending events with fellow awesome bloggers, writing reviews and blog post the experience is a stress less activity for me. Click image to view larger resolution As a former corporate rat turning my life to a real career change last 2012, I never regret joining this wonderful community. I never felt like an outsider. Instantly, I bond with a group of friendly, down to earth people I've met and starting to see myself loving each moment I'm with them, spending time with them, tinkering our smartphone gadgets with social updates, making a pose anywhere in any angle in our cameras and having fun meeting newbie bloggers, PR people and Company Representatives. I see every occasion as a positive boost of energy for me.  Each event we attend is different, from restaurant reviews, product launching, food tasting, tech  gadget reviews, travel reviews, Beauty and fashion reviews and many more to mention. "My passion in blogging started 2003 but it was an on

Canon PIXMA PRO Night Davao: the showcase of the ultimate printers for photographers, studios and exhibition use

Canon, a leader in digital imaging solutions, had a “The Canon Pixmazing Tour campaign” in Davao City to showcase the newest PIXMA PRO Series of printers, the PIXMA PRO-1, PIXMA PRO-10, and PIXMA PRO-100 and other Pixma series. Built with quality of output and professional inkjet printers that product excellent black-and-white and color prints to help ensure what you shoot is what you print on paper. It also have the new Print Studio Pro plug-in software, wireless connectivity and faster printing speeds. I’m one of the bloggers invited to witness the showcase of the Canon Pixma Series. Attendees were filled with enlightenment and the event was graced by renowned Professional Photographer, Adobe Photoshop Expert, and Canon Ambassador, Mr. Jun Miranda. I got lucky that night to won a Canon Pixma 200 for being an early bird at the venue. PRICE For the PIXMA PRO-1 is (SRP) Php 51,995  for magnificent photo quality. Especially good for monochrome photos. Above-par graphics and

Bruno Mars Outstanding Concert Performance in Manila

I was one of the cheering crowd who witnessed the Bruno Mars The Moonshine Jungle Tour at the SM Mall of Asia Arena last March 22. I have never recalled any concert I've ever been where the audience has been blown away with his explosive performance.  Everyone was so excited and happy to be there. Just brilliant in every sense. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this concert, every second of it was amazing. It was one hell of a performance. Bruno Mars is every record company executive’s dream. His sold out crowd of 16,000 seat capacity at Mall of Asia Arena convinced me that he'll be around for a very long time. He looks good and sounds good and a genuine superstar. More importantly Bruno Mars is a fantastic songwriter, musician and a great dancer and entertainer too whose music connects with the masses. The concert started with a front act by the Poreotics Dance Crew, America's Best Dance Crew Champions to fluctuate the excitement and en