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Welcome the summer heat with Starbucks

Summer here is one of the most exciting seasons for Filipinos. It is a time for fun vacations in some of the most wonderful destinations in the country. From globally-renowned tropical getaways like Boracay and Palawan to cold destinations like Baguio or Banaue, summer is a season to bond with friends and family. To make summer more exciting and refreshing, Starbucks is introducing a new Frappuccino® flavor and will bring back a well-loved flavor from last year. This summer, get ready for an unexpected throwback as Starbucks brings together two of our childhood favorites—popcorn and pretzels—in one delectable drink. Pop'zel Coffee Frappuccino® Blended Beverage is blended with delicious popcorn and pretzel syrup and topped with real caramel popcorn and salted pretzel over whipped cream. A returning favorite, the Roasted Marshmallow S'mores Frappuccino® Blended Beverage is flavored with vanilla, layered with smooth marshmallow whipped cream, indulgent chocolate sauce, and graha

Book Review {Break Free by Don Soriano}

Remembering back when I'm still a corporate slave, when it's my first time to manage a business. I  don't have a formal business background because I'm an IT graduate, so I rely on business books and business mentors that can help me understand how to handle people, on how to market the products, balance the money and expenses and become successful. "The Only Thing Standing between You and Your Goal is the Bullshit Story You keep Telling Yourself as to Why You Can't Achieve It."- Tony Robbins lifted from Don Soriano's Break Free So when I quit my job to make a new path for myself, I started doing online jobs and accepting works that I'm skilled to do. Things I've learned from Break Free 1. "Work Harder on Yourself than You do on Your Job" - Jim Rohn lifted from Don Soriano's Break Free I read books/online articles/watch tutorials for months to help me be more equip to perform tasks and accept more challenging tasks.

Make Your Summer Sexy, Colorful, and Sun-proof with Watsons!

MAKE your summer however you want it to be during this season of endless adventures and possibilities. There’s no holding you back now! Not even your fear of skin darkening or showing off your after-holiday tummy can stop you from conquering the sunny days! This year, Watsons says, make the summer yours. Watsons’ “Make Your Summer” campaign wants you to stop hiding and create the perfect summer according to your rules. With all the products available in stores, Watsons surely has something for all the fun activities you’ve got planned so you’re free to do whatever you want without any worries. Make your summer sexy and flaunt your bikini body for everyone to see with our safe and effective slimming products. Make your summer colorful and be fashion forward with all the vivid hair colors we have—from fabulous browns, fantastic blondes, to fiery reds. Make your summer sun-proof and be confident to go anywhere! There’s no more need for covering up and hiding from the sun because at