Kadayawan Feast of Flavours

I received a short notice from SM Davao to join the food tasting at 12NN in their food court Monday morning around 9:30AM. I invited Jong Paguia (http://jongsalon.blogspot.com ) and Lemuel Gabriel (http://captaincheap.tumblr.com )to join also. The event is the launching of SM Food court “Kadayawan Feast of Flavours” this August, featuring the King of all Fruits, Durian.
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The tenants of SM Food court prepared eight familiar, yet uniquely cooked dishes, Durian certainly adds a most distinct flavour to your favourite recipes, that’s exceptionally Dabawenyo.
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Giving a whole new meaning and zest to the lumpia dish, Fiesta Dabaw’s Rolled Bacon & Durian in Tartar Dip takes your taste buds to an explosion of flavors. Meaty bacon and cheese, wrapped in spring roll wrapper, is made more appetizing with Durian strips and dipped with tartar sauce mixed with a surprising ingredient.

Camaron Rebosado, the Filipino version of the famous Japanese tempura, is one of the simplest & most delicious ways to cook shrimps. Island Grill Express gives a different twist to the recipe by coating the soft luscious shrimp with egg, durian and flour blend making it crispy when chewed and with a hint of milky sweetness.

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Kamay  Kainan goes daring in its local version of a classic French shellfish and fish stew recipe, Bouillabaisse(my favorite of all dishes)HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Cooked with the freshest possible seafood:fish, clams, shrimps & crabs, mixed with vegetables and the sweet native fruit, makes a more inviting and flavorful texture to the soup. Ever mixed fish and the milky durian? 

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Loring’s Lechon offers its Fish Fillet in Durian Sauce. An exceptional combination of cream dory fillet enhanced with the sweet taste of durian and your favourite herbs, giving this dish a creamier feel.

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Mr. Crab N Prawn takes it specialty to a higher notch by creating a distinctive blend of coconut milk and the Davao’s pride. Crabs in Durian Sauce, a palatable combination that will make your mouth water with delight.

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Burger Patty in Corn & Durian Sauce is an experience that sizzling food lovers must not go without. Sizzling Chef innovate its more popular dish by combining its delicious beef patty with a most unique merge of creaminess and sweetness, topped with a garnish of mixed vegetables and egg.

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A more popular Filipino topping is added a Dabawenyo zest with Smokin’ Topping’s Pork Spare Ribs Topped with Durian Sauce. A delightful recipe of spareribs bathed with a sauce that is one of a kind, served searing hot with rice and side dish.

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Wok Man Asian Cook prepares a fusion of Chinese dish and native cooking in its offering of Boneless Steamed Chicken with Durian Filling, chicken breast steamed to juiciness added with the creamy filling.

FEAST of FLAVORS promo is from August 13-19,2012
Promo Details:
 For every single receipt minimum food purchase of P200.00 with a Durian Dish and an Upsize Coke product at SM Food court, a customer gets one Davao delicacy of choice for Free.
·         Redemption of freebie shall be made at the Beverage Station located at the food court.
·         Proof of purchase/receipts shall be surrendered to the Beverage station to redeem the freebie.
·         No receipts no freebie policy is applied.
·         This promotion is valid in all participating SM food court tenants at SM City Davao

Like their Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/smfoodcourt
Available only for the month of August, a must try for Durian lovers and tasters alike, Visit SM Food court at the 2nd Floor, main mall of SM CITY Davao.


  1. Hey, Sarah! It was nice seeing you again, and also great meeting Lemuel and Jong. Happy Kadayawan na! =)

    1. Hello Leah, likewise :)
      C u soon in other events.


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