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Give Life to Dreams: Fertility Awareness Month 2016

In a country as populated as ours, Philippines now has reached about hundred million population, it would still surprise us that one in every ten couples would struggle with infertility issues. So with all the talks about family planning and birth control,we must not also forget the other side of the story wherein there are still loving couples who are responsible and have dreams of starting a family but are finding it hard to do so.  That is why infertility must also be talked about.  There's so much stigma that is surrounding this topic and there's so much embarrasment and mis-information which only means even more difficult for a family or even couples to  address this concern.  Because in many cases, there's something that can be done about infertility. It can be addressed and the dreams of couples and even families could build their own family and be realized. 
But of course the first step is understanding, so people must be reached by the message. That is why Merck Philip…

PRESS RELEASE:Discover a new world of learning with SMART DIGITAL CAMPUS

Take a peek into the school of the future powered by superb business solutions with PLDT SME Nation’s Smart Digital Campus
Davao, 2016 – PLDT SME Nation, the market leader in providing the most innovative business solutions tailor-fit to every entrepreneur’s need, introduces Filipinos to a new and more integrated way of learning with Smart Digital Campus.

Specifically built for educational institutions, PLDT’s newest suite of wireless solutions redefines the learning experience for students, teachers and even parents with the most advanced digital platforms and Internet connectivity available today. Smart Digital Campus promises an affordable package equipped with monitoring and e-learning systems: Smart Gatekeeper, Smart Tracker and Smart E-Learning.
These three smart steps assure parents and teachers that students’ activities are secured and made more efficient from the moment they step in the campus until they get home. Smart Gatekeeper is an automated attendance monitoring solution…