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Visita Iglesia during holy week

I learned to appreciate the Visita Iglesia after doing it in Davao City many years ago while I'm still a graduating college student.
I did it several times over the years in Cebu, Bohol, DaanBantayan, and again back here in Davao.
As a fashion/art/architecture lover, I'm in for a Visita Iglesia so that I can reflect, and pray then sight-see and take photos.

Visita Iglesia is a common practice every Lenten Season. It's a chance to take my family,friends and special someone on a holy week trip to these churches. 

Human ♥ Nature Cool Peppermint Strengthening Shampoo

There is a "cool and refreshing" feel of the Human Nature strengthening shampoo in cool peppermint scent, and I'm not kidding.  It's a feeling of Coolness that isn't just in my mind when I'm using the shampoo onto my hair, I feel it too in my scalp. It became part of my daily routine of relaxing aromatherapy session. Using this shampoo relieves my stress from work especially when I have a headache.

Iko's Ihaw-Ihaw atbp.

Iko’s Ihaw-Ihaw atbp had been in the restaurant business for three (3) years, and it's attracting locals, businessmen and tourists. The resto is located at Amina Way Business Complex, Airport Road, Davao City, just 200 meters away from Davao City airport, with FREE Wifi, and the restaurant can accommodate up to 100 guests.