Dec 21, 2016
As a chocolate lover, I'm rejoicing when I received these 10 liters of Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk for product review.

I've tried different labels of chocolate drinks before but this time I'm switching to this Jolly Cow brand because I just love the taste and it is so addictive and so appealing to my appetite.

I love it when I drink it cold but when there are times that I want to unwind, I will simply put the Jolly Cow chocolate milk into a bowl of hot water to make it a perfect hot chocolate milk to sip. Then after emptying it, I will feel relax and stress-free. Ultimately, Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk drink is an energy booster as well. So, I highly recommend it.

But before that, allow me to share to you how I satisfy my curiousity, I did some further research to compare the difference between chocolate milk and chocolate drink.

Chocolate milk ingredients are made from 100% pure cow's milk, real cocoa, sugar and No Vegetable Fats added. While chocolate drinks are water, skim milk powder, refined sugar, vegetable fats (coconut oil, palm oil or palm kernel oil), milk fat, cocoa powder, stabilizers and vintamins and minerals.

Then checking the labels of Jolly Cow Chocolate milk, its ingredients are made from 100% Jolly Cow’s milk with 2.6 butterfat, giving it a creamier and tastier taste, made from real cocoa, minimal sugar content and No Vegetable Fats added. 

Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk  is the healthier alternative to regular Chocolate drink. It is made from 100% Pure Cow’s Milk, sugar and pure cocoa. It gives you the creamy taste of fresh milk and chocolatey taste of pure cocoa.

Nothing can be as “REAL” and chocolicious as the Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk.
A must try!

GraphIcon Davao 2016

Dec 8, 2016

(source: GraphIcon Davao Facebook)

CAP Grand Auditorium is located at IƱigo St. (Formerly Anda St. )

Access via Google Map ->

Get your tickets now for Davao’s most anticipated Graphic Design Conference happening this December 10, 2016 at CAP Grand Auditorium, Anda St., Davao City from 8am to 6pm.

Be inspired and learn from our roster of talented guest speakers:
ABBY SY : Typography
DARYL FERIL : Illustration
ROCKETSHEEP STUDIO: Defining & Working Within Limitations for Video Production Work
MEGAN PALERO : Motion Design
JANINE PRING: Creative Entrepreneurship
PAOLO RAMIREZ: Digital Portraits

Tickets are available at Coffee at Yellow Hauz, V. Mapa St., Davao City or via BPI Bank. 

How to Pay:

1. Kindly deposit your payments via Bank of the Philippines (BPI) Account No. 9419141701 with Account Name: Jean Frances Paolo Ramirez & Jobert Ivan Togonon.
2. Send a picture of the deposit slip to together with your name, contact number and school/company.
3. Wait for confirmation of your digital ticket for this year’s most anticipated Graphic Design Conference.

Don't forget to invite your friends!
For more info, please contact Paolo Ramirez at 09176217210.

Jolly Creamy Penne Pasta Carbonara

Dec 3, 2016

'tis the season to be jolly and what better way to get into the Christmas spirit than making your own recipe for Noche Buena.

They say a way to a person's heart is through their stomach, and I personally don't disagree. In honour of the christmas season, I'm sharing this delectable, delightful, and more importantly, delicious Christmas Pasta recipe for you to test out.

Jolly Creamy Penne Pasta Carbonara


·        250 grams bacon
·        500grams Al Dente Penne Rigate Pasta
·        2 packs Cream
·        2 cans of 400grams Jolly Whole Champignons Mushrooms
·        1 can of 400grams Jolly Pieces & Stem Champignons Mushrooms
·        250 grams green peas
·        ¼ cup butter
·        3 cloves of garlic
·        2 cans of 400grams Evaporated Milk
·        440grams of Melt Cheese


1. Cook Jolly Penne Rigate Pasta with oil and salt
2. Saute butter, garlic, bacon, mushrooms and green peas
3. Combine evap and cream
4. Set it simmer
5. Pour on the pasta.
6. Top with cheese.