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The Power of Gratitude and why thanksgiving truly matters

Today I would like to identify the inner values I possess and I realize that the value of Gratitude is not fully practiced.

When I say Gratitude, it is an appreciation for people, places, and things. as well as, for ideas, qualities and feelings. The simple act of being thankful for all the blessings from God.

If I am going to practice Gratitude then I must value thankfulness, and use it like a key.
A key to inspire strangers, my friendsA key to life that sets me freeA key to heal insult and injuryA key to awareness when I refuse to dreamA key to finding forgiveness and feeling peaceA key to manifest my desires, what I want and who I want to beA key to light the dark times, when I can't seeA key to expressing my preferences,what I love, the real meA key to feeling the present moment, gentlyA key to reconnect me to humilityA key to boundless opportunity,When I get caught in my limited certaintyA key to transcendence, imagination, and epiphany.A key to turn the hardest moment into a gl…

My Pre-Christmas Gifts

Have you been looking for the perfect geeky gift ideas this Christmas that will show some love to the geeky woman in your life?

Check out these cool geeky gifts for myself. [I have to admit I'm a geeky gal :) ]
Laptop Sleeve
I love bags but this Christmas I decided to give my macbook air her really deserving laptop sleeve. To keep protected from bumps and shock at all times with this padded bag. I choose this hot pink color to match the keyboard protector, too. 

Php 395.00 bought at SM Lanang Premier Department Store
Solar Powerbank I am an advocate of go green environment that is why I prefer to use a solar charger. I found this 5000 mAh Solar Charger Mobile Power Bank which is also waterproof when it is rainy. I could even hang on this solar charger in my backpack to suck up energy from the sun. Charging is also possible at home, office or even in the car. It's actually my perfect companion to keep my gadgets charged when I'm outside or nowhere near a power plug.

Cord Protector…

REVIEW : Skin Food's Rose Essence Soft Cream Blusher #2

Have you been looking for a cream based blusher that's in a cute packaging with smelling rose scent?
I'm not really a big fan of makeup and cosmetics because I'm afraid my skin will get harsh chemicals from heavy makeup. So I'm careful in choosing products for my face. 
I notice this Skinfood shop at the ground floor of Abreeza every time I passes by going to the Robinsons Supermarket or Human Shop. I went inside and the accommodating staff eagerly offered me products to try. The staff explained their products all natural goodness and made in Korea. [I'm a Korean telenovela addict :-)]
                                            ABREEZA BRANCH
I ask for assistance in choosing the best product for my skin that is not in powder type (I'm actually used to apply liquid cheek tint) and recommended me this #2 Milky Rose cream blusher. First I notice is the smell which is a strong real rose scent because honestly I don't like the bad chemical smells of cosmetics so th…