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What is the role of social media in my online presence?

For my personal, I use facebook, twitter, blogspot and Instagram, Foursquare, Multiply, flicker, photobucket.

For business, I set up the following accounts in the following:

1.) Facebook page for the fans.
2.) Multiply online shopping site 
3.) Twitter for daily tweets
4.) Youtube for informative videos
5.) Instagram,,,

In any specific type of interest or passion say for example in architecture and construction industry, I join and participate in skyscrapercity forum and facebook group forums of architects and engineers organizations.

Lenovo s800 fashion transparent cellphone

Transparent screen first high fashion phone
Series of Lenovo fit for fashionistas!

Features of Lenovo S800

Welcome to Dabaw Lifestyle nato ni!

Dabaw Lifestyle nato ni talks about way of life. An online magazine of its own. It caters to our lifestyle, our
differences. By providing fresh information of our very own products, talents and promote emerging ideas worldwide.

I believe that lifestyle can change all of us. This blog will make us think. If we don't think, we cease to exist. So dive in, open our ears, open our eyes and open our mind to our Davao Lifestyle. Because this isn't just another blog.

Hopefully the presence of this online magazine may guide anyone to discover more our self by using lifestyle accordingly. Welcom and may this e-mag be useful.

My topics are the following:

What's Up?
Your dose of what to do's

Recipes of the City
Feature and reports on the latest best restaurants food and drinks for travelers who not only want to enjoy their vacation but also wants to taste the specialties and eat like the locals do.

Fashion & Beauty
Personal Styles, and latest trends. beauty lessons and lookbook…