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BETA opens Entrepreneurial Academy and the first Incubation Center in Mindanao!

New opportunities for young entrepreneurial people in Davao. BETA opens Entrepreneurial Academy and the first Incubation Center in Mindanao!
 On January 7, 2013 the first batch of young people will start their 6 month entrepreneurial program to prepare them for new career opportunities.
BETA – Business & Entrepreneurial Training Academy  offers them a hands-on and ‘ready to use’ curriculum what equip the students for: -Starting up their own (small) business -Taking responsibilities in the family business -Pursuing their studies in Australia -Getting hired in one of the top contact centers in Davao, the day after graduation. or  for the job they like to be in because at BETA we are convinced that entrepreneurship is more than business, it is in fact  the ability of everyone to put ideas into action! Half of the time students will be trained in English communication skills what will lead them to an IELTS 5.5- 6, not only for  getting a study/work visa to go abroad but also to equip them wit…

SM Cinema celebrates 100% digital clarity with a Free Movie Day  

SM Cinema, currently the largest cinema exhibitor in the country, has been part of the lives of Filipino families for over 20 years. With its commitment toward quality movie entertainment, SM Cinema recently converted all its film-based theatres into Digital Theatres—the first cinema franchise in the country to do so. With this notable milestone, SM Cinema gives back to its loyal patrons with another FIRST in Philippine cinema history—the FREE MOVIE DAY event, a grand movie blow-out slated to happen this December 8, 2012.
This SM Cinema event will offer free movies in all of SM Cinema’s 246 Digital Theatres in all 45 branches nationwide! The line-up of movies will include the horror-thriller House at the End of the Street, Stolen, the latest Nicolas Cage action flick, the biopic Supremo: The Andres Bonifacio Story, crime drama film Deadfall, the popular Step Up Revolution and the restored version of Ishmael Bernal’s Himala. Apart from these six movies, two independent films courtesy o…

Bistro Selera experience, a true taste of Mindanao flavor.

If you're a local who's looking for a delicious filipino cuisine as a break from the typical fast food chains, or a tourist who wants to have a taste of a Davao regional specialty dishes on your palates, then Bistro Selera is one place to be.

Bistro Selera is a newly opened bistro mixed Davao born branch of Filipino Family owned restaurant located at the Fountain side 2nd level strip of SM Lanang Premier's casual and fine dining restaurants with a view of the 122 meter musical fountain, the first of its kind in Mindanao and the longest in the country. The first branch is Kusina Selera, a cozy restaurant located at Paseo de Legaspi  in Pelayo St., Davao City.

According to COO Googie Sanga and Chairman Marivi Laurel, bistro is mainly casual dining in individual servings.  For Bistro Eating, it is a style of cooking that involves using fresh, local Davao ingredients to produce delicious, and nutritionally healthy recipes that will stand out locally but also internationally.