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Hog’s Breath Café, The Home of Hog’spitality

They do Great Steak! This new Aussie steakhouse is Hog’s Breath Café, The Home of Hog’spitality. An Aussie steakhouse with lots of grunt!

Hog’s Breath slogan goes-“There are many things we’ve never done, but we ain’t never had too much fun.” It’s an expression of a philosophy that has made Hog’s Breath a tear away success story.

An Australian home-grown steak house expand from a single outlet when the doors of the first restaurant were opened in July 1989 to 80 outlets in Australia, 4 in New Zealand, 1 in Thailand, 1 in Singapore, 1 in Papua New Guinea, 1 in Vietnam, first in the Philippines, largest in the world to open in the Philippines particularly in Davao at SM Lanang Premier and still counting…

So what has made the Hog’s Breath Café successful? First, they provide unique dining experience as seen on the appearance, atmosphere, style and type of service it offered to customers (all friendly staff speak in vernacular).  Second, they provide quality food and beverage services.

The Magic of Christmas with David Pomeranz

Feel the magic of Christmas on December 15 with David Pomeranz at Casino Filipino Davao.  It's a FREE concert! Show starts at 9pm. First come, first served basis.

Globe Telecom adopts Boracay as 1st Community of Practice (CoP) in Visayas

Globe Telecom adopts Boracay, the country’s premiere tourist destination, as its first Community of Practice (CoP) in the Visayas to help the island achieve social, environmental, and economic development.
Having a strong presence in Boracay especially with the recent establishment of its cable landing station, Globe deemed it necessary to protect the area’s marine life, support conservation efforts by local stakeholders and  participate in raising environmental awareness  among the  youth and local residents.
“Consistent with its sustainable business practices, Globe is committed to collaborate with government, NGOs and private businesses in helping transform the degraded marine life in Boracay via innovative solutions and financial grants for conservation projects. We hope that through CoP, Globe can make a significant contribution in addressing the environmental issues affecting this tourist gem,” said Rob I. Nazal, head of Globe CSR.
                CoP is a program designed to s…

Samsung debuts the most compact A4 color laser printer: The CLP-365

 Ultra-compact design with ease-of-use for individuals and small offices

Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO), a leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, today unveiled the new compact CLP-365series printer, boasting leading edge technology combined with superior performance for optimum productivity with a minimum footprint. The device pioneers a unique approach to printer construction, conceived by the Samsung Design Team, which separates the printer interface from the system unit for exceptional convenience and management. Specifically engineered to meet the needs of individuals and small offices, the CLP-365 is the most advanced personal solution - offering customers a high-end quality printing experience in a compact, low maintenance device, straight out of the box: ·Smallest A4 printer in its class, CLP-365 measures just 382mm x 309mm x 211.5 allowing minimum footprint on desks ·ReCP image enhancing technology offer crisper and more vivid print as …