IMAX @ SM Lanang is believing

Sep 30, 2012

I was one of the official DavaoBloggers invited to attend the Blessing and Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony of SM Cinema Lanang and experience how fun it is to watch IMAX Lanang.
Upon entering the theatre, I received a set of popcorn and a choice of softdrink or orange juice and also my pair of 3D eyeglasses. The theater can cater 466 seats and the screen are so large it extends beyond your peripheral vision, making me feel at the center of the action. They are several times larger compared to the screens in conventional theaters. 

Some IMAX screens, like the one at IMAX Mall of Asia, stands eight stories high-allowing it to display larger that life 2D and 3D images. On top of the very large image-display, the images are also of crystal-clear quality. 

The IMAX sound is producing an enhanced depth and clarity such a very realistic sound. 

3D Glasses
3d glasses are wide and big enough for my face. I keep on adjusting the glasses because it keeps on sliding on my nose.

The movie that was screened to the guests and press was the "The Avengers". The movie that's best to watch on the IMAX screen.

IMAX 3D Technology 
The 3D Imax experience is superb! The powerful cameras, special projectors, gigantic screen, steeply raked seats. The combination of these different technological innovations enables IMAX to deliver an immersive movie-watching experience. In the IMAX theatre, I'm not just a mere spectator, I become part of the movie.

SM Cinema, the country's leading film exhibitor, is the exclusive distributor of IMAX in the country. Currently, it has five IMAX Theaters-IMAX North Edsa, IMAX Southmall, IMAX Mall of Asia, IMAX Cebu and the newest IMAX Lanang.

Dabawenyos will enjoy watching films like Under the following IMAX originals for 2012
* Under the Sea
*Dinosaus 3D
Digital IMAX originals for 2013
*Deep Sea
*Born to be wild
* To the Arctic
IMAX Movies for the last quarter of 2012
*Flying Swords of Dragon Gate
*The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
IMAX Movies for 2013
*Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters
*A Good Day To Die Hard 5
*Oz: The Great and Powerful
*Jack the Giant Killer
*G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation 3D
*Man of Steel
*300: Battle of Artemisia
* Ender's Game
* The Hobbit: There are Back Again

To know more about the company, visit SM Cinema's website at To connect with IMAX on Facebook, follow and like them on

IMAX Media Press Kit from SM Lanang 


Sep 27, 2012

The country’s #1 Japanese fast food chain brings quality and affordable dishes to Davao City

DAVAO CITY, 27 September 2012 –Almost 30 years since the first Tokyo Tokyo store was established at Quad Park in Makati, the country’s #1 Japanese fast food chain finally arrives in the VisMin Region – serving their signature dishes to Davaoeños first.

“As we officially open the doors of Tokyo Tokyo in the heart of Davao, we hope to open a whole new dining experience for all Davaoeños – one of quality, affordable and delicious Japanese cuisine. We’re very happy to be opening not only the first branch to be built outside of Luzon, but also the beginning of our long-awaited expansion plans in the VisMin Region,” said Tokyo Tokyo’s Marketing Manager Joan Pamplona.

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To celebrate this milestone, Tokyo Tokyo gathered together friends from the media for an exclusive preview event of the first Tokyo Tokyo store in Davao where guests had the privilege to indulge on a wide array of Tokyo Tokyo’s best-loved dishes – Prawn Tempura, Pork Tonkatsu, Beef Misono, Chicken Teriyaki and the all time favorite Red Iced Tea.

  The media guests were also treated to a Maki-making Demo which showcased 5 kinds of different maki. Some of the guests had the chance to make their own Maki and everybody had a great time. They all agreed that the demo displayed just how much technique and mastery go into making Tokyo Tokyo’s delicious and affordable dishes.

Finally, guests were treated with Tokyo Tokyo’s most craved Sumo and Bento Meals. Aside from rice meals, Tokyo Tokyo also served their snackofferings such as Japanese burgers like the Shogun and Shitake Mushroom best paired with Nori Wasabi French Fries and Pearl Milk Teas.

For regular updates on Tokyo Tokyo’s latest product offerings and promos, like their Facebook page


Social Media & the internet as tools for boosting Tourism

Sep 22, 2012

Word of mouth is considered the oldest yet most effective form of marketing mix. In fact, Social media is boosting word of mouth to the next level, the biggest shift of the century. It could make or break a budding tourism industry because people rely more on recommendations from friends talking and blogging about their recent escapades and vacations by sharing through Facebook and Twitter, checking in Foursquare to know more of tips and information of must see places to visit and food to taste, upload funny videos to Youtube of individual experiences, sharing memorable photos, and events through Instagram, and reading personal reviews, blogs and  get comments and replies at blog sites.   

But we cannot deny that the tourism industry in the Philippines is effectively promoted, advertised by social media tools, gaining worldwide and massive recognition of the wonders of our tourist attraction sites, engaging people to patronize and recognize start up local hotels, resorts and food businesses through the rapid spread of word of mouth, influence and interactions of people using social media and internet.

Today, social media has reached many people farther than other media tools could reach like television, radio and newspapers.

Tourism industry has to grab the power of social media to inexpensively spread the beauty of our country.

Start now if you’re not yet utilizing the power of social media. Don’t be left behind with social media technology.

SKYcable launches new genre-based digital channel line-up in Davao

Sep 19, 2012
Just when you think you have all that SKYcable can provide in terms of digital cable TV, think again.  SKYcable, the leader in digital cable TV, has introduced yet another service innovation that is sure to make cable TV viewing more enjoyable for its subscribers in Davao. 
media people with skycable team

In the successful press conference held last September 19 at the D’Leonor Hotel Davao, SKYcable officials formally launched the new organized channel system.  In the campaign dubbed, “OC for you,” SKYcable goes all out in its mission to give its customers the ultimate in cable TV service by arranging its programs according to genre and by giving them channel assignments in increments of 100.

Family members can now enjoy a more seamless channel surfing because they can easily locate their favorite programs.  Local programs are found anywhere from Channel one (1) to 99.  Moms and kids alike won’t have a hard time finding child-friendly content as they are found from channels 101 to 199. Learning or educational channels are conveniently located in the 200 series, while men-oriented and Sports channels are found from channels 301 to 399.  Meanwhile, movie addicts can satisfy their cinematic fix by surfing through channels 400 to 499.
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To get the latest news, both local and foreign, one can check the channels between 501 and 599.  Subscribers looking for general entertainment channels will surely enjoy programs on channels 601 to 699.  International and religious channels are found between 800-899 and 900-999, respectively.  For lifelike viewing, nothing beats watching various content in high definition.  Enjoy the most number of HD channels only from SKYcable, located in channel numbers 701-799.  A subscriber must have an HD subscription and an HD box to be able to watch channels on HD.    

This new genre-based channel system does not only help subscribers easily locate their favorite programs, it will also help them find out all the other channels being offered by SKYcable, which they may subscribe to via SKYcable Select, in case their current basic plan does not include them.

Surfing through various digital cable channels has never been this easy with SKYcable. Enjoy the convenience of knowing where to find your favorite channels by also tuning in to SKY Central channel 1. 

Not yet on SKYcable?  Subscribe to any of SKYcable’s basic plans --SKYcable 280, 399, 499, Silver, and Gold then beef up your channel line-up through SKYcable Select and/or SKYcable HD.

So, take this chance to experience affordable, organized, and customizable digital cable TV beyond clear signal. Discover the endless cable entertainment possibilities brought to you by SKYcable – because we know you and your family deserve it.

For more information, visit or call SKYcable’s customer service hotline at 3055456.

SM Cinema Brings the IMAX Experience to Davao

Sep 18, 2012

 SM Cinema, the country’s leading film exhibitor, continues its quest to elevate this country’s cinematic experience by bringing in state-of-the-art theater technology. Introducing the IMAX Experience to the Filipinos is one of SM Cinema’s ways of delivering world-class quality entertainment.
One of the highlights in the opening of SM Lanang Premier is the opening of the IMAX Theatre. IMAX Lanang opens with 467 seats and a digital projection system that can support both 2D and 3D films.

IMAX is the world’s leading film entertainment technology. It utilizes laser-aligned digital audio feed in addition to a revolutionary projection system that enhances image quality and display, delivering unparalleled and realistic sound and visuals.

IMAX is more than a technology; it is an experience. The IMAX Theatre is designed to fill your field of vision and engulf you in sound so powerful that it is almost tangible. IMAX screen is several times larger than the screen of the standard theater, delivering an image so large that it fills your entire field of view. 

The screen is slightly curved and the seats are angled to allow audience to have an unobstructed view of what they are watching. The IMAX image is several times larger than any other cinema format, offering far greater resolution than the 35mm film. All these contribute to bringing images to life like no other—making you feel you are part of the movie and not just a mere spectator.

The immersive movie-viewing experience that IMAX brings is made possible by IMAX Digital Media Remastering (DMR), the transformative process used to enhance and optimize the image and sound of Hollywood feature films for the IMAX format. During this process, IMAX spends hours, weeks and months working directly with the filmmakers and technical teams of each film on dozens of ways to enhance the movie, including adjusting the saturation, contrast, brightness, re-mixing the soundtrack, and a bunch of other variables in virtually every frame.

The result delivers an unparalleled image and sound quality that is designed specifically for IMAX theatres. Watching a film in an IMAX Theatre gives you a unique experience; it allows you to lose yourself in the scenes unfolding before you. With IMAX, you are absorbed by the movie.

Through SM Cinema, Filipinos are able to enjoy the IMAX Experience--an experience that takes you beyond the edge of your seats to a world you have never imagined.


To know more and get updates on IMAX follow them at Twitter and visit their Facebook Page:

Photo images courtesy of SM Lanang Premier and IMAX.


Sep 15, 2012

-Innovative sound technology combines vacuum tube amplifier and digital amplifier

-The DA-E750 is the world’s first dual-docking system that allows mobile phone users to enjoy high-quality audio experiences. "Users can enjoy their music from various smart devices such as the Samsung Galaxy SII, Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Note or other products such as the iPhone, iPod and iPad" ( with support for both Samsung GALAXY devices and Apple iOS devices )

-Wireless Audio with Dock also features enhanced wireless content sharing with AllShare Play, Bluetooth® 3.0 and is even compatible with AirPlay technology

Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO) launched its new premium Wireless Audio with Dock today that incorporates its vacuum tube amplifier technology, offering natural and harmonious sound qualities.

A first-class Wireless Audio with Dock, the DA-E750 is the world’s first dual-docking system for the premium audiophile that supports both Samsung GALAXY devices and Apple iOS devices—via both docked and wireless connectivity.

“The DA-E750 is a world-class audio system that underscores Samsung’s commitment to extend its strong leadership in the premium market,” said Amby Navarro-Molina, SEPCO Product Marketing Head . “As audio is an integral part of the overall home entertainment experience, we’re proud to provide consumers around the world with superior sound quality that can be enjoyed in the home.”

Allowing audio enthusiasts to enjoy music the way it was meant to be heard, Samsung’s new vacuum tube amplifier technology provides a warmer, more natural sound compared to conventional audio systems that use transistors. By also combining the vacuum tube with a digital amplifier, the DA-E750 reduces unnecessary, harsh sound distortions—while its 2.1-channel woven glass fiber speakers and powerful built-in subwoofer produce 100 watts of crystal-clear sound with enhanced bass for a quality music experience.

Delivering a total wireless solution, the DA-E750 provides superior convenience, supporting wireless audio file playback via AllShare for Samsung GALAXY devices and AirPlay for Apple devices, or via Bluetooth® 3.0 for additional devices. The DA-E750 also features an analog (composite) input and a USB port to play audio files directly from a thumb drive, music player or portable hard drive—supporting MP3, WMA and WAV file formats.

The elegant design of the DA-E750 exudes the highest level of sophistication by combining classic design elements with a touch of luxury. The sleek high gloss wood finish is available in either mahogany color
which is accentuated by the warm glow from the vacuum tubes inside the docks when in operation.

With the DAE750 launch, Samsung also released an online commercial video showcasing the spectacular “Flavor of Sound” the wireless Audio with Dock delivers. The video stars George Craig, lead singer of the British indie rock band One Night Only.




Other Wireless Audio Dock models are also available such as the DA-E550, DA-E570, and DA-E650.


- George Craig, the lead singer of British indie rock band One Night Only experiences intense musical flavor with Samsung’s new Wireless Audio with Dock
- With help of explosion specialists and 150 liters of Belgian chocolate, video Shocks viewers with a vivid, chocolate-y sound explosion to express new flavor of sound

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, debuted a short film titled, “A NEW FLAVOUR OF SOUND” on its YouTube channel, showcasing the warm and rich sounds that the Samsung Wireless Audio with Dock (DA-E750) delivers. New in 2012, the visually-stunning video marks the global launch of Samsung’s inaugural entry into premium audio market.

George Craig is the lead singer of British band “One Night Only” and model for Burberry. One Night Only is a British indie rock band and released famous singles like “You&me” (2007), "Just For Tonight” (2008) and “Say You Don’t Want it “(2010, M/V featuring Emma Watson). Starring George Craig, the video follows Craig as he mysteriously and excitedly cleans his living space then covers everything with white sheets. After the room appears to be ready for an unexplained mess, Craig connects a Samsung Galaxy SII smartphone to the high-gloss, chocolaty wood-colored Audio with Dock—then sits back to experience the warm and rich flavor of high-quality sound that follows.

“When I first saw Samsung’s Wireless Audio with Dock, I was immediately awe-struck by the sleek, yet retro design,” said George Craig. “I became an instant fan after hearing the amazing and smooth sound the DA-E750 delivers, so to help launch the product by partnering with Samsung on this video is both exciting and an honor.”

Featuring the One Night Only song, “You & Me,” the video reaches its climax at the same time the music does—as Craig, deeply involved in the music and the powerful pumping sound, surprisingly bursts into a huge explosion of chocolate. Pleasing to any audiophile, the warm, rich sound that Samsung’s Wireless Audio with Dock delivers is exemplified by the inclusion of chocolate in the video—and the notion that the users’ sound experience will be intensely palpable with the DA-E750.

To bring the chocolate-bursting scene to life, Samsung brought specialists in explosion technology to help with this project, conducting 10 explosion tests prior to shooting the scene—using a whopping 150 liters of chocolate throughout production. Fittingly shot in Belgium, “The Country of Chocolate,” the video used a high-speed camera shooting 1,000 frames-per-second, to vividly capture every detail of the powerful chocolate explosion.

The DA-E750 Wireless Audio with Dock includes Samsung’s hybrid vacuum tube amplifier technology, and is the world’s first dual docking system that supports both Samsung GALAXY devices and Apple iOS devices. Through the combination of the warm sounds from the vacuum tube amplifier with the crystal-clear sounds from the digital amplifier, the DA-E750 delivers a natural and premium music experience to consumers. Samsung’s DA-E750 is also a total wireless solution—supporting wireless audio file playback via AllShare Play and AirPlay, in addition to Bluetooth® 3.0.

An Extraordinary Chicken Found At Greenwich

Sep 14, 2012

davao bloggers @ Greenwich Pizza Blow Out!
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No one ever goes wrong with the good old fried chicken. When going for a quick fix in the middle of the day, fried chicken is a popular no-frills choice for a truly satisfying meal. The young and the young-at-heart are all too familiar with the goodness of fried chicken.

As a staple in the Filipino foodie’s list of favorites, the crispy fried chicken goes a notch higher courtesy of the country’s leading pizza chain Greenwich. The Greenwich Crispy Glazed Chicken is an all-new delicious offering that is the next big thing in the food scene as it is extraordinarily crispy and extraordinarily tasty.
“We are very delighted to serve the Greenwich Crispy Glazed Chicken as the latest addition to our growing menu,” declares Joanne Ingalla, Greenwich Brand Manager. “We are definite that more and more Greenwich customers will have an extraordinary time enjoying this equally extraordinary meal.”
The new Greenwich Crispy Glazed Chicken is set to satisfy any craving with an extraordinary fried chicken packed with extraordinary goodness. A special marinade seeps through each extra large piece, which is then cooked to an inviting crispiness.
The result is an extraordinary fried chicken that is extra juicy and bursting with flavor at every bite. And as an enticing finish, the extraordinary chicken is wrapped in a lip-smacking sweet and mildly spicy glaze that lingers on the taste buds. It is served with steaming cup of rice to complete a filling meal.
The best part of it all is that the Greenwich Crispy Glazed Chicken meal is available at an affordable P79.
With the debut of Greenwich Crispy Glazed Chicken, fried chicken lovers will definitely troop to the nearest Greenwich store and bite into the extraordinary goodness of this latest offering. Easy on the pocket but definitely not short on extraordinary taste, Greenwich Crispy Glazed Chicken will surely hatch satisfied customers who will come back to their favorite Greenwich store for more.
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The Greenwich Crispy Glazed Chicken is an all-new delicious offering that is the next big thing in the food scene as it is extraordinarily crispy and extraordinarily tasty.