BETA opens Entrepreneurial Academy and the first Incubation Center in Mindanao!

New opportunities for young entrepreneurial people in Davao.
BETA opens Entrepreneurial Academy and the first Incubation Center in Mindanao!

 On January 7, 2013 the first batch of young people will start their 6 month entrepreneurial program to prepare them for new career opportunities.

BETA – Business & Entrepreneurial Training Academy  offers them a hands-on and ‘ready to use’ curriculum what equip the students for:
-          Starting up their own (small) business
-          Taking responsibilities in the family business
-          Pursuing their studies in Australia
-          Getting hired in one of the top contact centers in Davao, the day after graduation.
or  for the job they like to be in because at BETA we are convinced that entrepreneurship is more than business, it is in fact  the ability of everyone to put ideas into action!
Half of the time students will be trained in English communication skills what will lead them to an IELTS 5.5- 6, not only for  getting a study/work visa to go abroad but also to equip them with high standard English communication skills needed to  be successful in business and/or in a job in a corporate setting or a call center.
The other half of the program will be consecrated in developing entrepreneurial skills such as idea development, business systems, marketing, management, basic accounting and financial management but also financial literacy and IT-skills.
The program is open for everybody with a high school degree, an open mindset, creativity , a vision on their own future and a passion to realize that vision.
BETA doesn’t deliver any degree, BETA is a training center with their own customized programs and  doesn’t claim to be depEd or Ched recognized.  Our objective is to train and equip young people beyond the degrees and to help and assist our graduates with the startup of their careers, here or abroad.
For those who want to get official degrees, they can pursue their education (with a study/work visa) at our partner school ‘Australian Academy of Commerce’ in Sydney  (Australia ) and obtain official and worldwide recognized Australian degrees in their field of interest.

 BETA cares for the students after they graduate!
-          When they want to startup their business we will assist them in the development and implementation of their business concept and business plan, helping them to find the necessary funding, ….
-          When they opt to pursue their studies in Sydney (Australia) , the BETA-staff and the people of our partner school in Australia, the Australian Academy of Commerce,  will assist them with the paperwork , the choice of the study program and with finding them  a place to stay and  a job when they want to work during their studies ( foreign students in Australia with a study/work visa are allowed to work 20 hours a week)….
-          And for those who want to get some experience in the business world, we get them a job in the contact center industry.

The courses and workshops are offered by experienced faculty, both academic and entrepreneurial as assuring the best and most practical approach of the subjects.
To assure a quality program BETA accepts maximum 20 students per batch. In limiting the number of participants per group we can offer them the best modules, the most experienced teachers and the best care after they graduate.

But BETA is more than a training academy!
In the incubation center we will assist and support the entrepreneurs with the Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation of their project.
This will happen during a period of 3 to 6 months. During this time they can develop their idea or business plan, ready to present to investors.
The entrepreneurs will be guided by mentors and coaches and will get input through workshops, seminars and strong business advice.

BETA – Business & Entrepreneurial Training Academy is located in on the AMS-Campus along F. Torres St with up-to-date facilities , green open spaces and parking facilities and easy accessibility with public transport.
Interested students and their parents can register for the FREE information seminar that will be organized on December 1, 2012 at 2pm in the school at AMS-Campus along F. Torres St. Limited seats are available, so participants have to reserve their seats by calling or texting Tessie on 0921 386 4487

BETABusiness & Entrepreneurial Training Center
AMS-Campus, F. Torres St
Davao City
Tel:  (082) 304 4948

For more information:

-          About the program & curriculum: Raf Vlummens -0920 675 2754
-          About studying & working in Australia: Tessie Martinez Vlummens – 0921 386 4487


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