Hog’s Breath Café, The Home of Hog’spitality

They do Great Steak! This new Aussie steakhouse is Hog’s Breath Café, The Home of Hog’spitality. An Aussie steakhouse with lots of grunt!

Hog’s Breath slogan goes-“There are many things we’ve never done, but we ain’t never had too much fun.” It’s an expression of a philosophy that has made Hog’s Breath a tear away success story.

An Australian home-grown steak house expand from a single outlet when the doors of the first restaurant were opened in July 1989 to 80 outlets in Australia, 4 in New Zealand, 1 in Thailand, 1 in Singapore, 1 in Papua New Guinea, 1 in Vietnam, first in the Philippines, largest in the world to open in the Philippines particularly in Davao at SM Lanang Premier and still counting…

So what has made the Hog’s Breath Café successful?

First, they provide unique dining experience as seen on the appearance, atmosphere, style and type of service it offered to customers (all friendly staff speak in vernacular). 
Second, they provide quality food and beverage services.

Lastly, the basic simple philosophy of Hog’s Breath “have fun and enjoy yourself”
- a principle engendered by its
 unique & unlikely décor
 that sees walls crowded with
 unusual paraphernalia like
 plate numbers of different states of Australia
 and memorabilia from active sports like
 Drag Racing, Extreme Sports, Golf, 
water sports such as sailing and surfing 
and a lot more.

Hog’s Breath promotes and encourages an active lifestyle.

It doesn’t get any better because at Hog’s Breath it’s a party every night!
Inside the spacious Hog's Breath Cafe

So if you want to try something new for lunch or dinner? Come and visit them at SM Lanang Premier, fountain side nearest the SM Hypermarket exit.

Here's some of the delectable foods that I've tasted:

Fantastic Appetizers

Let the feasting begin with their crunchy garlic bread with melted cheese. P135

Served with a Hog’s home style coconut chili sauce. 6pc P295

Dusted and marinated with their own traditional hot sauce, fried and served with their own Hog’s Breath blue cheese ranch dressing, celery and carrot stix. 6pc P275               9pc P395

Premium Pizza

The classic double cheese and double pepperoni on a tomato base. P295

Sensational Salads

Pan seared slab of salmon on a b ed of salad greens, accompanied with seasonal potato chunks, cherry tomatoes then drizzled with their own Hog’s Breath Italian vinaigrette. P395

Vegetarian friendly.

Hand cut calamari rings dusted with salt and pepper breadcrumbs, piled high on a bed of sweet potato chips and sweet chilli sauce. P295
The Italian Hog’s Pasta

For lovers of seafood and pasta, pan seared fish fillet slices, prawns, squid rings & mussels, tossed with their own home made Hog’s Breath tomato concasse and olive oil topped with parmesan cheese. P495

Hog’s Breath famous grain fed, highest quality prime rib steak, is slow cooked for maximum tenderness, then cut to size & seared quickly on the char grill to seal in the flavour & moisture. Prime Rib Steaks best served medium rare with lashings of mashed potato or Hog Tail Fries & fresh vegetables. House salad, baked potato or Cajun rice are available upon request.

For the purist Prime Rib steak fan, char-grilled, tender and mouth-watering with baked potato, and fresh vegetables. Classic P1095

Incredible Main Street

An old favourite. A rack of grilled sticky back ribs basted in our own Hog’s Breath Hickory Smoked BBQ sauce and served with Hog Tail fries and house salad or creamy mashed potato and vegetables. Half Rack P595 Full Rack P895

Fruity Smoothies

Alcohol free smoothies…All one price…P155
Leave the hard stuff out & keep the fun in!

Frozen Mixed Berry
Combination of Sorbet, Strawberry, Raspberries & apple juice.

Combination of Banana, Yoghurt, & Skimmed Milk

Combination of Mango & Apple Juice

Delicious Desserts

A perfect comfort food.
Hog’s Breath guarded the recipe since 1989 when Hog’s Breath began.  Served with cream and ice cream. Don’t get done for resisting dessert! P350

The old 50’s favourite, banana served with crushed nuts, cream and ice cream, and garnished with a chocolate wafer. Add your choice of topping-chocolate, caramel or strawberry. P250

Home style apple crumble served with a deliciously smooth caramel sauce, topped with cream and ice cream. It’s better than what your Mum used to make! P295

 Hog’s Breath Café also offers alcohol-free mojitos, fruity smoothies, exotic cocktails,premium sharp shooters, cold beers,premium spirits.

Hog's Breath CafeUnit 147-149 Ground floor, SM Lanang Premiere, Lanang, 8000 Lanang, Davao, Philippines285-2393

You can visit their FACEBOOK PAGE or follow 

them at their TWITTER ACCOUNT


  1. The food here is amazing! I had a chance to try them out as well and I can say that it was one of the best dining experiences I've had. I will definitely be back to try it again.

    You may also check out my post here: http://davaofoodguide.blogspot.com/2012/12/hogs-breath-cafe-davao-where-they-do.html


  2. I am starving now - the food looks great on the photos, quite enticing! I would love to try their steak and appetizers.

  3. The food photos looks all yummy and inviting. The ambiance, the food especially the way staff treat the costumer always give satisfaction. I feel like eating too.

  4. We also had a taste test few days before they opened their resto to the public. Their food was just like experiencing heaven on earth! But the prices scared me! hahaha!

    Anyway, I had a great time! The staff were so hospitable. No wonder it's the Home of Hogspitality. :D

  5. I love the ambiance. All the foods look delicious. I am so craving those smoothies.

  6. I was going to say I love the salad but looking through all the photos, I love them all lol.

  7. Those food are great. I would love to have that in my dinner tonight.

  8. hmmm, i would probably feast on the desserts :) they look so tempting. however, i find the prices quite expensive.

  9. They seems to offer yummy dishes. Hope they open one at MOA or ATC.

  10. My favorite sa lahat is the apple crumble. Gusto ko sa Hog's Breath kasi friendly ang mga staff and they have promos on drinks. Not to mention that the owner is also a good friend :)

  11. This is indeed one of OZ's fine steakhouse. I love to go at the same place here in Sydney just like the way I do it there back home. It's great to know that Hog's Breath Cafe's expansion is going down south.

  12. Aussie's do great steaks! :) yummy spread of foods. i wonder if they have in Manila? we need to check this out, my hubby will definitely love this...:)

  13. Wowowow!!! They have delicious foods to offer. Would love to visit this place!


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