Iko's Ihaw-Ihaw atbp.

Photo credits to Swexie, Tere R-N & mine.

Iko’s Ihaw-Ihaw atbp had been in the restaurant business for three (3) years, and it's attracting locals, businessmen and tourists. The resto is located at Amina Way Business Complex, Airport Road, Davao City, just 200 meters away from Davao City airport, with FREE Wifi, and the restaurant can accommodate up to 100 guests.

They're open at 8am to 11pm Monday to Saturday and 4pm until 10pm on Sundays. For advance bookings and reservations contact 0922888IKOS (4561).
The Executive Chef buys fresh seafood from the market and cooks it the way you like, or you can order from their menu. Iko’s offers delicious local specialties. You cannot leave Davao without trying it!

Thank you Sir Ferdinand “Ferdie” Gallejo, the owner of Iko’s, for the very warm and sumptuous five hours dinner. We had great time eating and drinking while also learning new tips about cooking.


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