What is the role of social media in my online presence?

For my personal, I use facebook, twitter, blogspot and Instagram, Foursquare, Multiply, flicker, photobucket.

For business, I set up the following accounts in the following:

1.) Facebook page for the fans.
2.) Multiply online shopping site 
3.) Twitter for daily tweets
4.) Youtube for informative videos
5.) Instagram, Sulit.com.ph, Ayosdito.ph, Tipidsale.com.ph

In any specific type of interest or passion say for example in architecture and construction industry, I join and participate in skyscrapercity forum http://www.skyscrapercity.com/ and facebook group forums of architects and engineers organizations.

As a photography enthusiast, I join Digital Photographer of the Philippines forum http://digitalphotographer.com.ph/forum/

And as a career person, I join http://linkedln.com  and http://odesk.com  and http://easyoutsource.com

I personally believe that in any choice of category, I have to commit to be present and must connect with the crowd in that community because to be always on top of the list of active post and topics in these social media platforms, basically is to keep on updating my post or topics or my status and or any current events I’m currently involved.

I just want to expand that i don't have to be always present or involved in every discussion of topics but at least be informed like a lurker or if not regularly at least frequently visit the sites so that your always updated.

In order to connect to the audience or my followers, I need to put  myself also in the shoes of the customer. How should I be treated by a seller being a buyer. When should I as a seller present my products or services that will not annoy or pist off or sounds very rude to the customer. Well, this is a different topic that I can discuss on another subject but for now, let us focus first in social media.

So before jumping to any socialmedia sites, think first the purpose of signing up in that site. Are you really dedicated enough to maintain your account in that site and meet your expectations of joining the site or your just not sure yet. Don’t be in a hurry, plan your strategy well before you execute. Maximize the potential of the site for you to grow in that specific niche that you’re interested and passionate with.

By the way, congratulations to DavaoBloggers http://www.davaobloggers.net for a successful event the “SocialMedia Day Davao City”, held at Myflexoffice in Sta. Ana Ave., Davao city and thanks for inviting me to join and also for the raffle prize award I won a Globe Tatto.


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