A trip to D' Bone Collector Museum Inc.

I was fortunate to be part of the DavaoBloggers Tour sponsored by City Tourism Operations Office,  and SMART. I belong in Downtown Explorers team together with some photographers to promote Davao City's tourist spots and social hubs worldwide through the Familiarization Tour dubbed as "Life is Here: The Davao Bloggers' Tour" last July 14, 2012, Saturday. One of our cultural destination and tourist attraction in the city is a trip in this newly discovered new museum in downtown area and share to all travelers that "Davao. Life is Here".

D' Bone Collector Museum Inc. is the 4th museum in Davao City. The other three museums in the city: Museo Dabawenyo (Pichon St.), Davao Museum of History and Ethnography (Lanang), and Mindanao Folk Arts Museum (Juna Subd, Matina). A welcome addition to the ever growing number of museums in Davao City. 

Darrel D. Blatchley founded the museum and just opened it for public viewing last January 2012. D' Bone Collector Museum Inc. is located at the heart of Davao City. An education experience focusing on education and conservation that would surely raise the awareness in the conservation and preservation of not just the marine and airborne species but also those animals found inland.
"D'Bone Collector Museum will help people to be educated on how we can preserve and conserve our remaining natural resources, particularly the animal species. This is an educational center where we can learn about the life and death of animals. The motivation behid this museum is to teach the people, particularly the locals, to take extra care of our environment, most especially our marine life," Blatchley said,  the museum's curator and director.
The museum houses more than 300 specimens from all over the world in various animal species from different environments such as those found in deep sea water, sharks, shallows, reef, plains, jungle, and skulls. D' Bone Collector Museum Inc. is one of a kind in the Philippines.  An ever expanding collection.

Inside the museum are collections of different bones, skulls, and skeletons of animals like bears, a lion, horses, a deer, monkeys, snakes, crocodiles, birds, a dugong, dolphins, whales and insects, butterflies, armadillo, and other marine species. Among the attractions are the huge sperm whale, the jaws of sharks, the Cambodian python (one of the longest snakes in the world), and one of the two rare 41-foot skeletal remains of a toothed sperm whale on display at the center of the Museum

Blatchley himself collected them since he was still a boy; some of the collections were donated by private individuals and institutions who believe that through the museum, conservation and protection

Visit Mindanao's 1st Bone Museum and don’t forget to buy from their Souvenir Gift Shop
The museum is located at Family Circus Compound, Barangay 76-A, in Bucana along San Pedro Street Extension Davao city or commonly name Bucana near Almendras Gym.
Open from Mondays through Fridays, 10am to 5pm (No lunch break.), and on Saturdays, 1pm to 5pm only. Sunday Closed. The museum welcomes group tours and school excursions.  Admission fee is P40.00 for kids and Adults is P50.00.

For reservations, you may contact:
D'Bone Collector Museum Inc. @ 09196240744
Facebook: D' Bone Collector Museum Inc.

horse and offspring skeletals

skulls and butterflies collection

baby monkey

lovebirds skeleton

Philippine Tarsier skeleton

Saltwater Crocodile skull

Philippine Crocodile skull

Saltwater crocodile skull

One of the two rare 41-foot skeletal remains of a toothed sperm whale on display at the center of the Museum 




observe their strict rules

buy souvenier items in their souvenier shop
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  1. -downtown explorers/ team kaon.. lol

    nice post,ate sarah! two thumbs up. :)

  2. Replies
    1. no probs ate! very like-able din naman post mo! awesome! :))

  3. Parang ako yata yung parang ghost dun sa may sperm whale! Haha

  4. hehehehe ghost gyud, na blurred kay out of focus

  5. museums are always one of the best places to visit, + the most educational, too. i have not been to one in years + i hope i can visit one with my little man real soon. museo pambata is at the top of my list! ;)

    musings on meanderings

  6. hey, this is very interesting and educational, good for kids too ...

    1. Thank you for dropping by and reading my blog post :)
      hope you will follow my blog too

  7. Too bad I was unable to visit the museums in Davao when I was there earlier this month, I'll make it a point to visit museums especially this one when I return.

  8. This is really interesting..
    I try to imagine the effort it took to set up these skeletal systems.
    This collections is huge.. worthy of a visit while in Davao.

  9. I really thought it was human skull until I read the word "monkey." Haha :)

  10. This is a great initiative to promote awareness for nature and Davao as a whole.

  11. i love to visit the place. this is really good for those who are nature enthusiasts ... and for those taking comparative anatomy , this must be heaven for them

  12. I wanted to be there right now! Great shots and a perfect museum to visit.

  13. I like the set up na parang zoo pero mga bones ng animals ang naka display :) It would be nice to visit this place someday.

  14. Dami mo talagang matutunan at matutuklasan sa mga museums.
    Ang cool nung Baby Monkey at Lovebirds skeletons.

  15. Those look interesting and creepy at the same time >.<

    :) Erika

  16. Wow Meron pala tayong Museum na ganito? At sa Davao lang- will include this on my list- will visit Davao on June.

  17. A lot of BONES!!! This site is indeed an educational place to visit not only by kids but adults as well.

  18. Congrats for the being part of the team to travel for free. That museum is indeed a learning investment for any visitors to come in.

  19. That baby monkey bones looks creepy. Why? it resembles human skeleton but nice museum. Unique!

  20. I'm really not much into checking out bone collections. But this particular museum has gotten me interested enough. I'll be in Davao this August. How far is it from the city proper?

    1. Just 500 meters away from Davao City Hall. I added a direction above.

  21. Oh wow! this is a great place to bring your kids for learning purposes and It's actually my first time to read about a bone museum existing in Davao City.

  22. this reminds me of my arthropoda subject in college. looking at the pictures, I suddenly remember the smell of cleaning the bones and painting them with varnish...yuck. LOL. But definitely a must see for those interested in science.

  23. this reminds me of my arthropoda and zoology subjects in college where we had to mount a frog specimen, butterflies and a shark. I remember the smell while cleaning these and the varnish to paint the bones...ugh! LOL But this is a good place to bring science students :)

  24. it's nice to see how they preserved the bone so clean and... wait, it's in davao right? wow, and i don't even had any clue about it. thanks for this, sarah. madalaw nga. Yahweh bless.


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