Experience LOVE at first Taste at Bulgogi Brothers

Haemul Bibimbap P325

I confess, I love watching Korean romantic comedies. So when Algene, a fellow blogger invited me to experience the authentic Korean food of Bulgogi Brothers- a big "Yes" from me. Actually, it's my first time to eat Korean food because I'm not fond of spicy foods. But since I am fascinated by their people, country and culture, I wanted to try also to taste their food.

 She said it was a food tasting presentation of new dishes, so it really was as feast of best dishes at Bulgogi Brothers together with my other three amazing bloggers Quima, Lany and Jonas.
Lany D, Sarah G, Jonas L, Quima R, with sir Jaypee of Bulgogi Brothers
Bulgogi Brothers, is one of the most recent restaurant chains to hit Davao City, set up their restaurant at 2nd floor Fountain Court of SM Lanang Premier just a few months ago.

The hospitable staff served us their Tea of the Day with Bori Cha (Barley Tea) which has great benefits and I like the taste of barley and I keep refilling my cup of barley tea. :) 

Bori cha (Barley Tea)
We were served with several dishes of banchan (side dishes) or small korean dishes of kimchi, boiled quail eggs, corn on the cob, fried dilis, eggplant, kangkong and different sauces like Korean spicy sauce,salt,pepper and ssamjjang.

The next dish is a new addition on their menu Haemul Bibimbap (Php 325)[the cover photo]. A traditional Korean favorite. Rice mixed with shrimp, squid, carrots, green zucchini, and brown mushrooms, been sprouts and other various vegetables. Mix it all in and got a spoonful into my mouth and tasted all the flavor into my tonque one after another. Never miss to order this one. It's definitely great in taste and in presentation.
Haemul Bibimbap (Php 325)
Followed by the "Seafood Royal Dumpling", an english term of Haemul GUNGJUNG MANDU (Php 350), fried dumpling with seafood (mussels, shrimp and squid) served with spicy sauce. Delicious dish! The fried dumpling is crispy to perfection and the sauce complemented the taste.
Haemul GUNGJUNG MANDU (Php 350)
Next up was Bulgogi Brothers Special (Php895), a combination of Unyang and Gwangyang-style bulgogi. In another word, heart-shaped beef patties and thinly sliced beef, with the latter fried in combination with green onion and garlic. The beef were so tender to the bite and pretty juicy and not lacking in flavor, the dish was delightful.
Next is a new Barbecue Special dish [Kkotgalbisal] Boneless Beef Ribs (Php 450) The beef was cooked by the friendly staff in front of us, and cooked it well done then dipped in the Bulgogi Brothers special sauce and loved it!

Citrus Mint P95

Sir Jaypee Austero Oquendo of Bulgogi Brothers offered us to try their Korean Ice cream Cledor Bar Berry Mix (Php95). For me it tasted better than Magnum ice cream of Selecta.

Look at the evidence after eating all the dishes. 
Simot Sarap!

We ended the food tasting with a happy tummy and I can truly say, I fell in love with Korean foods at Bulgogi Brothers. 

Naneun Bulgogi Hyeongje Reur Sarang! (I love Bulgogi Brothers!)
Lany D, Sarah G, with sir Jaypee of Bulgogi Brothers, Quima R, and Jonas L 

"Bulgogi" dates back 200 years and is a collective term or all  fire-grilled meat dishes. Bulgogi is a representative Korean dish beloved by many people worldwide. "Bul" is the Korean word for fire and "gogi" is meat, all fire-grilled meat dishes are referred to as bulgogi. The meat is accompanied by a variety of vegetables, making bulgogi a well-balanced dish. Bulgogi is increasing its presence throughout Japan (yakiniku), China and the rest of Asia as well as all over the world. At Bulgogi Brothers, we would like to share Korean cuising with the world by providing meals and services in a family atmosphere.

Bulgogi Brothers offers authentic and great tasting korean dishes. "BUL-GO-GI,"which literally means "fire meat" in Korean is most commonly translated as Korean barbecue. Thin slices of beef, pork or chicken are specially marinated in a combination of sauce and seasonings to enhance flavor and tenderness.


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