'Davao: Family is here' with Coca-Cola

It seems that I have come a long way from a simple lass in the province of Davao del Sur to a true blooded Dabawenya that knows what I want!

I was brought up in a conservative way and grew up in a family that loves excursion every weekend, to beach trip, travel to different places, and other fun get-togethers that aren't always complete without something refreshing, like icy cold Coca-Cola.
Walang kaparehas sa ngiti, walang kaparehas sa Coca-Cola.
 My Tatay, works before at Coca-Cola, he was a superstar salesman back then and loved his work. He just recently passed away. He always bring home a liter of CocaCola, and we always share this in our meal.

Being a "Tatay's girl" to my late father, I remembered every Sunday after mass, I tag along with my Tatay to the Public Market and buy our ingredients for our favorite Sinuglaw (Kinilaw na Isda and Sinugbang Pork liempo) together with pork ribs for Nilagang Baboy, fresh ripe mangoes for desserts, crunchy fried Peanuts as pulutan, and mainit na Puto-maya. We never missed to buy a liter of Coca-Cola since food taste even better when paired with Coke.
Walang kaparehas sa Sinuglaw, walang kaparehas sa Coca-Cola.
 I describe those times as my bonding moments with my Tatay since he has been very busy working during weekdays as a Salesman. At most, we share with each other what is happening during the week, in work, school and exchange thoughts and jokes while enjoying a delicious meal and conversations while drinking CocaCola.

During this time, me and my brother were still young and perhaps this familiarity with our Sunday get-together at such an early age influenced me later on. Such upbringing taught us in the years that we grew when the time came for me to leave the province and had an opportunity to travel. I stayed for awhile in Cebu, Mactan and Metro Manila, yet nothing compares to being near with my family here in Davao, where I missed our family gatherings. When I finally settled down and being married and found a stable career of my own here in Davao, I always made it a point to be constantly with my family every weekend. It's now a tradition for the family to take off from our respective work during holidays and spend more quality time to spend for a week of vacation. While my Nanay, a very devoted career woman always believes that a family that pray together, stay together. Her words of encouragement and persuasion to us to always pray and surrender to God ourlife is my source of spiritual strength and motivation. She always bring us to one of the oldest church in Davao, the San Pedro Church, to attend Sunday Mass, and have our Meriendas of durian paired with Coca-Cola, which one thing always remained irreplaceable.
Walang kaparehas sa San Pedro Church, walang kaparehas sa Coca-Cola. 
Walang kaparehas sa durian, walang kaparehas sa Coca-Cola. 

Today, I consistently give my best to my work and to the cause of bringing a little fun to our everyday lives, and a little spark to moments that bring our family closer. My family is and has always been a priority. My Tatay & Nanay have shown that it is possible to be a successful career person and still take care of family.

"At the end of the day, it's still all about the family and Coca-Cola gives that extra 
open happiness which made #CokeLangGyud "Nothing Compares". 

"Para sa amoang pamilya, Coca-Cola lang gyud ang maka kumpleto sa among 
masaganang pagtipon-tipon." 
Nothing compares to my family in Davao, nothing compares to Coca-Cola. 

“Unsa Para Sa Imo Ang #WalayKaparehas?” 


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