Archipelago7107 by Barrio Fiesta

When dining in a Filipino restaurant, we rarely get the full assortment of recipes we have in our country. The Philippines, being an archipelago, has a vast definition of Filipino cuisine. Filipinos from different parts of the country’s cluster of islands have been honing their own recipes and practicing different variations of a similar dish such as adobo and sinigang.

For years, most Filipino restaurants in the country serve only their perspective regional recipes. The north has theKapampangan recipes which gave us Sisig and Pinakbet, the south has given us InasalnaManok and KaninsaPuso, but not many Filipino restaurants have given us all of these recipes under one roof.

Thus the idea of Archipelago 7107 by Barrio Fiesta was born. The concept is to serve selected authentic recipes from the north, south and anywhere in between the 7107
islands we have under one menu, therefore, giving the customer a wider range  of recipes to choose from than your normal Filipino restaurant. Aside from the loved Barrio Fiesta recipes, such as the Crispy Pata, Kare-kare, and Pinakbet,
our Chef will offer rare delicacies from time to timeto keep the menu interesting.

The ambiance is casual and chic, distancing from the traditional wooden and bamboo d├ęcor most Filipino restaurants are known for. Menu prices range at P120-P695 per dish, serving 2-4 people.


Archipelago 7107 by Barrio Fiesta is a brainchild of young entrepreneurs Antero Sison III, Carlo Lorenzana, Alberto Bacani, and Alan Bangco who teamed up with the third generation restaurateur Tyrone Ongpauco from the Barrio Fiesta chain of restaurants.

Archipelago 7107 by Barrio Fiesta will cater to families wanting to dine out and celebrate, and to young professionals wanting to unwind with friends after a successful day at work. After dinner, Archipelago 7107 transforms into a full blown lounge bar, eager to please the discerning partyphile.


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