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Commissary & Test Kitchen

Exactly what's creamier compared to ice cream, however, with much less fat ingredients? Just what's a fantastic means to delight in the fruits of the season? Just what's as Italian as Tiramisu yet with much less compared to fifty percents as lots of calories? If you have Gelato on your thoughts, you will certainly agree that Gelato has now started to change ice cream as a preferred dessert treat for youngsters and grownups alike.

When Davao Bloggers got invited by Giardino Gelato's tasting last December 18 at their commissary  in the lower ground of Abreeza Mall Davao, we experience first hand how to make a gelato fresh from its Carpigiani machine.

The host of the evening Ms. Tess Songco,the President and Head of the Production Team demonstrate to everyone how they make their gelato.

Procedure in making a gelato
The step 1 in the gelato-making procedure. The equipment heats the mixture (which is primarily filtered water, cream, skimmed milk, and sugar) approximately 80 degrees of heat and afterwards instantly cools it to 10 degrees to eliminate the bacteria in the base.

We took a peek inside their commissary and test kitchen to check how the mixture is made in the Carpigiani machine. 

After 10 minutes of waiting, Carpigiani machine begins to stirring gelato base plus ingredients in negative 2 degrees churning temperature then into a tub of gelato. Getting some rest for awhile to enhance the flavor.

By then we started to line up to have a taste of the freshly made Stracciatella gelato right from the Carpigiani machine.

We also watch how theMango sorbet was made straight from the carpigiani. I even discovered a tip from Ms. Tess to use glass in scooping the mango.

Ms. Tess also explained how does one know a good gelato?
"You'll instantly know since it feels different in your mouth. Not like ice cream that leaves an after taste, gelato is lighter." To her, the most essential point to remember, is the gelato quality, and the high quality of the main ingredients used. "Not like ice cream, which could be made a month ahead of time, and kept frozen with the aid of preservatives. Gelato has a life span of just a week so you could be guaranteed of its quality," she claims, "One more distinction in between ice cream and gelato is that the ice cream is made in a manufacturing plant, while gelato's production is artisanal and in micro-batches. We do not utilize any preservatives or artificial flavor in our gelato so it could be safely eaten also by kids".

Straight from the Carpigiani Machine:

Mango Sorbet

Finally, we got to taste some of their exclusive and unreleased flavors.
I'll rank them based on my top favorites.

  • Reese's nutrageous

Reese's taken to the maximum level. A mixture of whole nuts, caramel, chocolate and Reese's all-time favorite peanut butter. Who could not resist that gelato flavor?(MUST TRY!)

  • Sesame

An original Japanese favorite concocted for SumoSam. I feel in love with this flavor. (MUST TRY!)

  • Rhum Raisin

Italians call this Malaga. It's a gelato that's made for adults with a distinctive taste of Rhum.(MUST TRY!)

  • Appletini

One of the 4 cocktails specially concocted for Gelato (Greenbelt 3, Makati). Apple sorbet with a touch of vodka.(MUST TRY!)

  • Durian

Flavored with Davao's superstar fruit

  • Banana sorbet

Flavored with another Davao Star Fruit

Davao Bloggers with Ms. Tess Songco of Giardino Gelato.
Thank you so much Giardino Gelato for inviting us!

I treated my niece and nephews with Giardino Gelato. 
See how they are enjoying their Italian Gelato!

Photo credits: some of the photos here are from the Official FB Page of Giardino Gelato
Giardino Gelato
Second Level, Abreeza Mall
J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City
Mobile 09228662491


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