The Power of Gratitude and why thanksgiving truly matters

Today I would like to identify the inner values I possess and I realize that the value of Gratitude is not fully practiced.

When I say Gratitude, it is an appreciation for people, places, and things. as well as, for ideas, qualities and feelings. The simple act of being thankful for all the blessings from God.

If I am going to practice Gratitude then I must value thankfulness, and use it like a key.
  • A key to inspire strangers, my friends
  • A key to life that sets me free
  • A key to heal insult and injury
  • A key to awareness when I refuse to dream
  • A key to finding forgiveness and feeling peace
  • A key to manifest my desires, what I want and who I want to be
  • A key to light the dark times, when I can't see
  • A key to expressing my preferences,what I love, the real me
  • A key to feeling the present moment, gently
  • A key to reconnect me to humility
  • A key to boundless opportunity,
  • When I get caught in my limited certainty
  • A key to transcendence, imagination, and epiphany.
  • A key to turn the hardest moment into a glorious journey
  • A key to the only foolproof system of love in the galaxy
  • A key to access infinite possibilities

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And when I share my gratitude enriches you & me
Gratitude is actually the doorway, 
Choose the real key
The best part about gratitude is that gratitude always absolutely free!

What are you grateful for?


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