Book Review {Break Free by Don Soriano}

Remembering back when I'm still a corporate slave, when it's my first time to manage a business. I  don't have a formal business background because I'm an IT graduate, so I rely on business books and business mentors that can help me understand how to handle people, on how to market the products, balance the money and expenses and become successful.

"The Only Thing Standing between You and Your Goal is the Bullshit Story You keep Telling Yourself as to Why You Can't Achieve It."- Tony Robbins lifted from Don Soriano's Break Free

So when I quit my job to make a new path for myself, I started doing online jobs and accepting works that I'm skilled to do.

Things I've learned from Break Free

1. "Work Harder on Yourself than You do on Your Job" - Jim Rohn lifted from Don Soriano's Break Free

I read books/online articles/watch tutorials for months to help me be more equip to perform tasks and accept more challenging tasks.

2. Don't Quit Your Job

Currently, I'm a College Professor teaching IT subjects. In this stage of my career, I agree with Don Soriano to "Don't Quit Your Job". First, I love the experience of teaching to students and sharing my knowledge and experience. Also, this job is like an advocacy for me. I'm happy teaching to students. So I'm keeping this job, for now.

3. "Work Full-Time on Your Job and Part-Time on Your Fortune" - Jim Rohn lifted from Don Soriano's Break Free

In order to manage well my time since I'm also doing part-time freelancing jobs online, I discipline myself to meet deadlines without guidance.

4. Financial Freedom = Passive Income > Expenses

As I mature, I learned to know myself more. That I need to invest in passive income and start managing money wisely to achieve financial freedom.

So aside from my active income, I'm now in the process of building my passive income investments.

Upon reading this book, I realize that I am on the right track and I would love to share this Break Free Book of Don Soriano to my family and friends. Especially to people who don't like to read, so they can read this book in one hour and I know it will change their mindset and lead to the path of financial literacy and personal development.

Title: Break Free
Format: Paper Back
Author: Don Soriano
Pages: 80

This is the modern guide for newbie Filipino entrepreneur. It's a one stop shop that help you to quickly build the business mindset in 1- hour read.
Discover the 8 principles you need to know for massive success in the business world. 

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