Sarah G's (Financial) Lifehack: Free BPI Mobile Fund transfer via QR code.

As an online seller and a travel agent, I regularly receive money from buyers, sending money to family members, shopping online, booking airline tickets, or even a simple booking to watch a movie during weekends. So, mobile payments are the easiest way to go.

With the latest addition to the BPI mobile app services, the QR code, I admit the chances of making mistakes sending money and receiving ay nabawasan dahil wala ng manual encoding of the account details, you'll just have to QR scan the code.With the digitalization of BPI, customers can transact within seconds, allowing the users to pay cashless at malls, and send and receive money anywhere in the country at the snap of a finger, and you can even display the QR code in the shop online for easy payment transactions.

So how to still enjoy FREE BPI mobile Transfers?

A. Transfer via QR
Doing these steps, you will be ensured of its error-proof. No need to worry about inputting the wrong account numbers and it's also faster as compared to traditional ways of typing the account numbers.

Here are the steps:
1. Login to your BPI mobile app or web version. Then Go to Other services > QR Generator.

2. Select the account where money will be received and type a nickname for it. Any name will do.

3. Click the Generate button and wait for the QR code to be generated. Once finished, click the Save to Device. Now, the saved picture of your account QR code will be used to allow your family, friends, and customers to send you money from their BPI accounts. So whenever you request for payment from other people, just show the picture of the QR code.

4. For them to send you money, let them use the Transfer via QR button from the homepage of the mobile App. Choose Import from Gallery.

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