Product for a cause: Padre Ninno's Gourmet

Jul 9, 2012

In search for new  emerging products for a cause. I found Padre Ninno’s Gourmet at Todo Merkado Bazaar in Damosa Gateway where I also displayed my items.
Padre Ninno’s Gourmet are bottled pastas, dried tomatoes, and processed organic hebs  and vegetables made only with the best ingredients from Bukidnon…
It really makes good sandwich filler, perks up salads and enhances the pizza.

In order to raise money for his operations and programs in the farm at Buda for the lumad children and youth, Fr. Frances Uras, S.D. B. of Don Bosco Living Hope Center for Integral Human Development of Indigeneous Youth in Buda, Marilog District decided to produce bottled pasta sauces  of processed vegetables, tomatoes,tuna swimming in corn oil or olive oil flavoured with spices. And the bottles are clear, the buyers can see just exactly how much he is getting.  The products shelf life is minimum of 2 years available in 100grams, 270grams and 340grams.

Best with Pasta, Pizza, Bread, Crackers, Rice. There is no preservatives and sugar added.
Products offered are the following:
Vegetarian Tuna in corn oil
Vegetarian Tuna in corn oil
Herbed Tuna in corn oil
Herbed Tuna in corn oil
Sun-Dried Tomatoes in corn oil

Herbed Mushroom in corn oil
Herbed Mushroom in corn oil
Pesto Classic in olive oil
Pesto Classic in olive oil
Vegetarian Pasta Sauce in corn oil
Vegetarian Pasta Sauce in corn oil 
3-in-1 APPETIZER in corn oil
 3-in-1 APPETIZER in corn oil

Tuna Pate in corn oil  
   Tuna Pate in corn oil
During the Bazaar, they also offer Fr. Franco’s Bestseller PIZZA at P140/whole size that will help bring a LUMAD child to school!

To order, please drop by the Pasalubong Center of Davao City beside People's Park along Palma Gil Street to buy the Padre Ninno's brands. Produced by Bosconian Food Delight, Buda, Marilog District, Davao city.
Cellphone no. 09277521546.

Highly recommended especially for Mediterranean diet. A Healthy Food, Affordable, and Aromatic.

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Ava said...

Hi, do you have Fr Uras' contact details? Would like to get in touch with them. Thanks

Sarah Jean said...

Hi the cellphone posted above

Kim Nieves said...

I'm a big supporter of "products with a cause." These charity-minded people have a big heart for the unfortunate ones.

Algene said...

Thanks for sharing this ate Sar. First time ko to hear of this product :D I've never been to Pasalubong Center pa pala..

controversialcomments said...

I would certainly want some of the pizza

joy said...

I would love to taste those delicious-looking food :) It is nice that they are selling thee stuff for a cause. I hope they get lots of clients.

FoodQuest said...

I am interested to try the Herbed Tuna in corn oil and the Pizza that's quite affordable for P140.00

Ness || The Attagirl said...

The products looks really good. And they are affordable. The vegetarian tuna is what I am intersted.. I hope they got a store here in Manila..

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