Honest-to-goodness pure and fresh juices: Liquid Sunshine

When I joined the TODO MERKADO bazaar at Damosa Gateway last July 7-8,2012
One of the booth tenants was Liquid Sunshine, they offer fresh organic fruits and vegetables pressed and served into juices placed in eco-friendly bottles.

 What makes them unique is they name their labels;

  • GRACE for combination of  Pineapple, Cucumber & Ginger,
  • COURAGE for ampalaya, cucumber, pineapple,apple and ginger,
  • WONDER for Malunggay, ampalaya, carrot, apple, & pineapple
  • LOVE for carrots, orange, apple & ginger,
  • And  KINDNESS for Beet apple, cucumber, carrots.

Bottles cost at P100 for 250ml / P185 for 500ml not bad price right for a healthy drink of pure goodness.

The taste is not bad as well and its refreshing, easy to drink and best if drink when cold. The juice has no artificial sweeteners and preservatives.
Healthy, Delicious, Affordable. Lets drink to a healthy life!

  Liquid Sunshine is a local business of Ms. Camille Porras, based in San Juan, Manila.
 You can reached them at 09053780290 


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