Western Digital offers the power of choice

Western Digital, a storage industry pioneer and world leader of external storage and connected home solutions had a press conference last July 27 at Marco Polo Borneo Room from 1pm to 4pm, I was invited together with other davao bloggers and press people.

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Davao Bloggers
It's been almost 4 years already since I have used Western Digital Passport external hard drive for my back up files and up to now, its still up and working.

But did you know that if you will check the amount of unique information created last year and replicated it was estimated to reached at more than 1.8 Zettabytes. (1 ZB=1 billion terabytes.)

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Data Growth in the Information Age
Imagine storage consumption is rapidly increasing in the Philippines, with the tremendous proliferation and combination of devices, applications, bandwidth, and collaboration, our personal, digital content is being created, captured, and shared in large file sizes and at a very high rate.

As a result, the need to store our important content, our photos, and our life is great that ever.

Now, more products, more options and more solutions are presented by Western Digital.
They  are now offering more than a one-size-fits-all hard drive.
Their four(4) choices are:

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the Power of Choice in Internal Hard disk
WD Caviar Blue.
If you go for solid performance and reliability for everyday computing. WD Blue hard drive is for you, it delivers solid performance and reliability for desktops PCs, external enclosures and for certain industrial applications.

WD Caviar Green.
If you go for cool, quiet operation for efficient eco-conscious computer. WD Green is designed for use as secondary drives for PCs, for external enclosures and other applications for which low noise and low heat are beneficial.

WD Black
Go for WD Black if you are after maximum performance for power computing, its designed for enthusiasts and creative professionals looking for leading-edge performance.

Lastly, they are announcing the debut of WD RED NAS hard drive.  

Go for WD Caviar RED if you want to buy affordable, reliable, and compatible storage for home and small office (Network attached storage) NAS.
·         RED is the new color of NAS
·         Specifications:
o   World’s first 3.5 inch hard drive specifically design for SOHO network attached storage
o   Massive capacity ranges from 1TB-3TB
o   SATA 3.0/SATA 6GB/s interface
o   24x7 performance
o   1TB per platter
o   Equipped with 64MB DDR2 Cache
o   Equipped with NASWare
o   Reduced Power Consumption

Available now at select resellers and distributors:
1TB drive (model # WD10EFRX) == P4,995.00
2TB drive (model # WD20EFRX) == P6,195.00
3TB drive (model # WD30EFRX) == P8,695.00


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