SKYcable launches new genre-based digital channel line-up in Davao

Just when you think you have all that SKYcable can provide in terms of digital cable TV, think again.  SKYcable, the leader in digital cable TV, has introduced yet another service innovation that is sure to make cable TV viewing more enjoyable for its subscribers in Davao. 
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In the successful press conference held last September 19 at the D’Leonor Hotel Davao, SKYcable officials formally launched the new organized channel system.  In the campaign dubbed, “OC for you,” SKYcable goes all out in its mission to give its customers the ultimate in cable TV service by arranging its programs according to genre and by giving them channel assignments in increments of 100.

Family members can now enjoy a more seamless channel surfing because they can easily locate their favorite programs.  Local programs are found anywhere from Channel one (1) to 99.  Moms and kids alike won’t have a hard time finding child-friendly content as they are found from channels 101 to 199. Learning or educational channels are conveniently located in the 200 series, while men-oriented and Sports channels are found from channels 301 to 399.  Meanwhile, movie addicts can satisfy their cinematic fix by surfing through channels 400 to 499.
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To get the latest news, both local and foreign, one can check the channels between 501 and 599.  Subscribers looking for general entertainment channels will surely enjoy programs on channels 601 to 699.  International and religious channels are found between 800-899 and 900-999, respectively.  For lifelike viewing, nothing beats watching various content in high definition.  Enjoy the most number of HD channels only from SKYcable, located in channel numbers 701-799.  A subscriber must have an HD subscription and an HD box to be able to watch channels on HD.    

This new genre-based channel system does not only help subscribers easily locate their favorite programs, it will also help them find out all the other channels being offered by SKYcable, which they may subscribe to via SKYcable Select, in case their current basic plan does not include them.

Surfing through various digital cable channels has never been this easy with SKYcable. Enjoy the convenience of knowing where to find your favorite channels by also tuning in to SKY Central channel 1. 

Not yet on SKYcable?  Subscribe to any of SKYcable’s basic plans --SKYcable 280, 399, 499, Silver, and Gold then beef up your channel line-up through SKYcable Select and/or SKYcable HD.

So, take this chance to experience affordable, organized, and customizable digital cable TV beyond clear signal. Discover the endless cable entertainment possibilities brought to you by SKYcable – because we know you and your family deserve it.

For more information, visit or call SKYcable’s customer service hotline at 3055456.


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