Social Media & the internet as tools for boosting Tourism

Word of mouth is considered the oldest yet most effective form of marketing mix. In fact, Social media is boosting word of mouth to the next level, the biggest shift of the century. It could make or break a budding tourism industry because people rely more on recommendations from friends talking and blogging about their recent escapades and vacations by sharing through Facebook and Twitter, checking in Foursquare to know more of tips and information of must see places to visit and food to taste, upload funny videos to Youtube of individual experiences, sharing memorable photos, and events through Instagram, and reading personal reviews, blogs and  get comments and replies at blog sites.   

But we cannot deny that the tourism industry in the Philippines is effectively promoted, advertised by social media tools, gaining worldwide and massive recognition of the wonders of our tourist attraction sites, engaging people to patronize and recognize start up local hotels, resorts and food businesses through the rapid spread of word of mouth, influence and interactions of people using social media and internet.

Today, social media has reached many people farther than other media tools could reach like television, radio and newspapers.

Tourism industry has to grab the power of social media to inexpensively spread the beauty of our country.

Start now if you’re not yet utilizing the power of social media. Don’t be left behind with social media technology.


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