Gelatomania Davao's Picture of the Day Contest

It's been more than a month since the launching of Gelatomania Davao and we are overwhelmed with the amount of customers and friends patronizing our ice cream shop.

As a way of thanking you guys for the support, we are giving away one (1) kg. of gelato for the lucky winner of 'Picture of the Day' photo contest. An individual can join up to 3 maximum entries provided that Gelatomania product featured per photo is varied. Within the month, the Gelatomania Family will choose the best photo and award one(1) kg. of Gelato as prize for the winner.The winner will also get the chance to have his/her photo featured inside the store.

If you wanna have one (1) kg. of gelato, do yourself a favor and follow these mechanics:



1. Like Gelatomania Davao at Facebook.

2. Follow @gelatomaniadvo at Twitter.

3. Customers are encourages to take a photo within the
    premises of Gelatomania shop with their favorite Gelato.

4. Place a short, creative caption of the photo,  and post this photo on the FB Page of Gelatomania

5.Share with a caption “ I Want to Win a one (1) kg of gelato    from @gelatomaniadvo and tag @friend1, @friend2, @friend3 #GelatomaniadvoGiveaway ”

6. Leave your name, email address, and twitter handle/username in the comments down below and answer: What's your most favourite flavor of gelato @gelatomaniadvo?

Contest will start April 9 and end on April 30, 2013. Deliberation will happen after the final day of the contest, and the lucky winner will be chosen by the Gelatomania Family, and will be announced on 1st week of May, 2013.

COPYRIGHT: You certify that you are the photographer and sole copyright owner of the photo and text, or have the owner's permission to submit this, and you have obtained the consent of all identifiable persons shown in it for these uses.

USAGE RIGHTS: In consideration of acceptance of your submitted photo as part of Gelatomania Picture of the Day, you hereby grant Gelatomania, and others with Gelatomania's consent, the right to copy, distribute, publish, display and otherwise use the photo and text for purposes of the Picture of the Day program or for any advertising or publicity on behalf of the program or similar future programs.

You agree that the photo and text may be cropped, edited, electronically manipulated or otherwise altered, and that whether the photograph is used is entirely for Gelatomania to decide.


  1. Natalie Jill Lim
    twitter: @njl_angel
    one of my fave gelato flavors is the Nutella & Strawberry! :D


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