Experience the art of good food & revamp at Tea 'amo Bistro

I got an invitation from Ms. Karla Stefan Singson to sample the new offerings of revamp Tea 'amo Bistro at Sanny Sweets Bldg., Tionko st., Davao city.

I have never been to this place before however, judging on the interior, it's more spacious, with wall colours like cream, white, brown, or very light pastels that provide perfect backdrop for relaxation and good food.

At Tea 'Amo Bistro, diners can get a taste of their signature main course which focuses on favorite comfort foods. Hearty pasta,  sweet snacks, coffee(hot/iced), blended coffee,milk tea, iced tea, yogurt blend, hot tea, cheesecake series feature heavily on the menu.

Among the delicious dishes we have tasted are Caldereta Bordeaux (Php 185.00), slow-cooked beef bathed in their special sauce with a hint of red wine. 

Caldereta Bordeaux
For pork lovers like me, I surely love the taste of Adobo Festival (Php 165.00), a classic homegrown recipe Tea 'amo family used to serve during festivals.
Adobo Festival
Another favorite  Spicy Pork Cracklings (Php 155.00), pork slices fried with that guilty crunch, served with a special tangy sauce on the side. 
Spicy Pork Cracklings
Foodies like me surely love to order this Home Sweet Ribs (Php175.00), soft ribs with that familiar home-cooked taste.
Home Sweet Ribs

I got a taste also of Coconut and Pesto Pork Braise (Php 165.00), slow braised pork blanketed in a cream mixture of coconut and pesto.
Coconut and Pesto Pork Braise 
For crispy fried fish, we got a taste of Curry Tilapia with Mango Cilantro Salsa (Php 155.00), freshly cooked curried Snapper/Tilapia infused in a unique marriage of Middle Eastern and Asian flavors.
 Curry Tilapia with Mango Cilantro Salsa 
 For chicken lovers, try Mamita's Chicken Parmigiana (Php 165.00), breaded chicken breast topped with tomato sauce, parmesan and mozzarella.
Mamita's Chicken Parmigiana
Lastly, Creamy Chicken (Php 155.00), tender-cooked chicken with a veil of cream, topped with a kangkong leaves is a can't miss dish.
Creamy Chicken 
I have also enjoyed a Very Berry Iced Tea (Php 75.00)Medium-sized
Foodies will have even more to look forward to this summer as Tea 'Amo Bistro will also be offering liquors soon. 

Get a taste of Tea 'Amo Bistro cuicine and other dishes this summer at Sanny Sweets Bldg., Tionko st., Davao city.

Have you visited Tea 'amo already? What's your favourite?

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