IDP Philippines brings Australian Education Exhibition 2013

The IDP Philippines will stage "Australian Education Exhibition 2013" in Davao on Friday, 17th of May 2013 from 11:00 am till 6:00 pm at The Marco Polo Hotel, Jade Ballroom.

The Australian Education Exhibition here in Davao is just the first leg for the whole event. On May 18, they will move to Manila and on May 19, to Cebu.

Twenty Australian education providers consisting of Universities, Technical and Further Education Institutes and Colleges representatives will showcase their programs, campus attractions and other education-enriching and career building opportunities to DavaoeƱo students wishing to explore further education in Australia. 

This event will be an opportunity for participating institutions to meet with and brief students on the education opportunities in Australia, ranging from undergraduate and vocational programs to post-graduate research, masters, and doctorate programs.

These Australian institutions will give prospective Filipino students and their families an opportunity to look closely at education possibilities and options in Australia. I believe this initiative aims to help support skills development for the Philippine economy and grow the educational partnership between Australia and Philippines.

The Australian Government invites students to come and explore why Australian Education offers a “Future Unlimited” and encourages them to take the opportunity of talking directly with representatives from the following institutions who will be in attendance at the exhibition at The Marco Polo Hotel.

Australia combines a world class education with a multicultural environment and provides students an opportunity to learn and live in a progressive and vibrant society. Australia continues to be at the forefront of research, development and innovation across many disciplinces, from the sciences to sport.

IDP Philippines is the leading placement and support service for Filipinos who aspire to gain international education experience. For 40 years, IDP has helped more than 300,000 students get promising education opportunities in prestigious colleges and schools all over the world.

For further information on ”Australian Education Exhibition 2013”, please browse: or visit the IDP Philippines Facebook page

Schools from Australia that will be present on May 17 are:

Le Cordon Bleu Australia
Whitefriars College Inc.
Australian Catholic University
Holmesglen Institute of TAFE
University of Queensland
Central Queensland University
Flinders University
Wide Bay Institute of TAFE
Queensland Unviersity of Technology
UTS Insearch
Academia International
Perth Education City
Charles Darwin University
Canberra Institute of Technology
Murdoch University
The University of Newcastle
Victoria University
ACU – Manila

Bring your Academic Transcripts to help with your inquiries about study in a range of Australian universities and colleges.
With IDP’s help, enjoy a Future Unlimited with a high quality Australian education qualification.

ENTRANCE FREE FOR ALL STUDENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES but limited slots are only available, so book online by registering and get an e-ticket at 


  1. I'm not sure if Australia follows the British kind of curriculum. If it does then I can say, studying in Australia will be a plus factor in your kids education.

    My daughter studies in a British curriculum school and comparing it to our Philippine curriculum, I like the former better because they offer subjects that will be relevant to our kids chosen field when he/she goes to university after passing the GCE A Level and GCSE exams. For example, my daughter is in her 9th Grade and she wants to take up Commerce in college, her subjects right now includes Accounting, Economics, Business Mgt and Investment Math which are normally offered when you are in first year college back in the Philippines.

    I just think though that the school fees in Australia will be a bit lucrative but I believe it's worth the money to have a good education.

    It's good that they are having that kind of exhibit in the Philippines. I wish they had that when I was still living there. I might have considered their educational offers.

    Thanks for sharing the info.

    Ria C

  2. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity. Good thing they will be visiting Cebu next week. Thank you, sis Sarah for the info.

  3. That would be a great opportunity especially for those who are looking forward to furthering their studies internationally.

  4. This is great experience for students to witness how Australian methods of education is :-) I bet there are many handsome fellas and beautiful ladies too who will share their experiences. I notice that education here in America is very hard compared too when I studied in the Philippines :-) but am glad that my kids are coping up with their education :-)

  5. I am all for any kind of educational programs that will help Filipinos as well as other nationalities gain access to better career opportunities.

  6. HI Sarah G... Howdy?
    This is interesting ... I've been a student back in 1998 at NTU in Darwin, but was not able to finish it ... it was a good experience, you get to work even you're on a student visa...

    Was not to attend this event.. :)

  7. ah! lucky for those who will have the opportunity to study abroad. :) I wish could be one of the lucky ones! :D

  8. What an awesome son would love to study in Australia!!! I most certainly would love too! I wish I could be there to participate in this is something truly worth saving and working for.....

  9. Wow! This is really nice. I find this very interesting. A few friends from the land down under told me how nice it is to study in there.

    How I wish I'll be given such opportunity to continue my studies there.

  10. I think Australia is really a good place to study. If given a chance I will definitely go for it.


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