Rexidol Forte, a body pain reliever at affordable price

UNILAB Consumer Health introduces reformulated REXIDOL FORTE, their fast, effective, and long-lasting relief medicine for pain.  Rexidol Forte is truly affordable because suggested retail price is Php 3.75.  This product has been endorsed by former Davao city Mayor Sarah Duterte-Carpio. Who is now set to reengage the public after several months in hibernation with her family.

The first female mayor of Davao City, who mainly concentrated on being a mother and a wife after bidding politics goodbye last June 30, decided to come out of her respite and make her first appearance in three months to endorse a truster brand of pain reliever.

Endorsing Rexidol Forte, Inday Sara looks forward to her first TV commercial which will be aired in Davao soon.

In the TV ad, Duterte-Carpio talks about the pains she had been constantly experiencing after giving birth to a healthy baby boy last April 1.

She was given systemic pain medication and was advised that pills containing acetaminophen or ibuprofen may help ease her pain too. And this is how she discovered Rexidol Forte. 

She says she believes and trusts the efficacy of Rexidol Forte which she says really offers fast, effective and long-lasting relief from the pains she had experienced.

"I agreed to be Rexidol Forte's brand ambassador because I, myself has proven that it works," Duterte-Carpio said. "And this is something worth sharing to my fellow DavaoeƱos and Filipinos in general."

Apart from being a well-known public servant, Duterte-Carpio is also a new mother who is susceptible to common pains, including "bughat". Charaterized by over fatigue, "bughat" is commonly experienced by women who have just given birth.

Why is Rexidol Forte reformulated?  Instead using the old formulation, they mixed 500 mg Paracetamol and 65 mg Caffeine.  Why on earth did they use caffeine?  It is because caffeine hastens Paracetamol absorption, performs very well in pain relief, and has a longer lasting effect compared to its competitors.  You don't have to worry if you are a coffee junkie because the caffeine content of each tablet is much lesser compared to the caffeine content of one sachet of 3-in-1 coffee or one bottle of soft drink.

The recommended dose of Rexidol Forte is 1-2 tablets (for children 12 years old and above as well as adults) every 6 hours as needed (when the symptoms mentioned above are experienced) or as prescribed by your physician.

Rexidol Forte offers fast and long-lasting relief from "bughat", headaches, fever, and body pains. For only P3.75, Rexidol Forte is also more affordable than other multi-ingredient pain relievers.


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