Tasting CAFE FRANCE Cronuts - The French Donuts

I'm invited last week to meet up together with fellow bloggers for a taste of Cafe France Cronuts in their first opened branch at Rizal Street, Davao City

Cronut™-the newest craze in town right now. Described by many as a half croissant, half doughnut — this pastry hybrid is taking the world by storm making it the most viral dessert item to date.

According to Cafe France management, it's authentic French donuts make use of flour directly imported from Grands Moulins de Paris in France. All other ingredients are sourced from suppliers who pass Cafe France standards for quality and conformity. 

I ordered Cafe Mocha beverage coffee which for me will perfectly pair with the cronuts.

Once the French Donuts arrived to our table, there were 3 different flavors: Salted Caramel, Lemon Custard and Classic Chocolate. Each flavors were somehow unique with each other.

Salted Caramel - A luscious blend of sea salt and caramel icing atop numerous layers of buttery, crisp puff pastry filled with a smooth salted caramel paste.
Classic Chocolate - Silky semisweet chocolate icing with a choco espresso bean atop numerous layers of buttery, crisp puff pastry filled with rich chocolate paste.
Lemon Custard - Zesty lemon-sugar icing atop numerous layers of buttery, crisp puff pastry filled with creamy lemon custard paste.

These French Donuts is priced at Php 99.00 per piece. 

And since it's my first time to taste these, my initial reaction was "Deliciously yummy!". The sliced French Donut was more of a surprised feeling because it tasted so good and really crusty and I could actually hear the slight crunch. The dripping sugar frosting makes it more delicious. 

Since I'm a chocolate lover so Classic Chocolate is a winner for me. It's like I was a child eating my favorite chocolate while eating  the chocolate filling is dripping in my hands.

The Lemon Custard is surprisingly sweet with a slight sourness. There's also a custard filling which added more flavor to the French Donut. 

For Salted Caramel, it looks so tempting with its sweet whipped caramel frosting and a slight saltiness that complements the sweetness of the caramel and cream.

Here's the Davao Blogger's team tasting over Cafe France's French Donuts. :)
Photo Credit: Natalie Lim
From Left to Right: Paulyn Dy, Arjay LegereNatalie Lim , Karla Singson , Chito de Castro , Jonas Labagala and me
Sarah G
Oh and by the way, they have cute packaging if you want to have their French Donuts to-go.

The French Donuts safe and secured in this dome plastic packaging.

These French Donuts satisfied our sweet tooth cravings. :) I love that their flavors were creative. Really yummy and would love to have some again next time.

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CAFE FRANCE - 2nd Floor, Manila Bulletin Building, Rizal Street, Davao City

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CafeFrance 

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