Bruno Mars Outstanding Concert Performance in Manila

I was one of the cheering crowd who witnessed the Bruno Mars The Moonshine Jungle Tour at the SM Mall of Asia Arena last March 22.

I have never recalled any concert I've ever been where the audience has been blown away with his explosive performance. 

Everyone was so excited and happy to be there. Just brilliant in every sense.

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this concert, every second of it was amazing. It was one hell of a performance. Bruno Mars is every record company executive’s dream.

His sold out crowd of 16,000 seat capacity at Mall of Asia Arena convinced me that he'll be around for a very long time.

He looks good and sounds good and a genuine superstar. More importantly Bruno Mars is a fantastic songwriter, musician and a great dancer and entertainer too whose music connects with the masses.

The concert started with a front act by the Poreotics Dance Crew, America's Best Dance Crew Champions to fluctuate the excitement and enthusiasm of the crowd. They also perform the dance in "The Lazy Song" music video.

Before Bruno came out, a solid gold jungle scene was painted across the curtains which covered the stage; dropping only when the tribal drumming kicked in. The crowd went wild and gone hysteria and started screaming when he appeared in all his glory, exploding into the funky 'Moonshine' before gliding straight into 'Natalie'.  He was backed by his band members who were impressive in the choreographed dance routines.

After his first song, he told the crowd to put down the cameras and just have fun and dance with him. When he performed "Just The Way You Are", the people cheered and did a sing-along with him, making the crowd asking for more from him and then Bruno Mars returned with a drum solo for "Locked Out Heaven" with gold colored papers going down on the audience during the last part of the song and lastly end the night with Gorilla.

Seeing Bruno Mars for the first time in his The Moonshine Jungle Tour exceeded my expectations. I had such an amazing time with my husband and now his concert tops my list of the best concerts I've been to. Great lightings, excessive fireworks, Bruno Mars explosive performance of his latest songs and some of his older songs we wanted to hear. I don't think I have ever enjoyed, shouted and had so much fun at a concert that much. It was utterly outstanding.


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