#DBSParty 2014 Davao Blogger Society Community Vibe

Joining & attending events with fellow awesome bloggers, writing reviews and blog post the experience is a stress less activity for me.
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As a former corporate rat turning my life to a real career change last 2012, I never regret joining this wonderful community. I never felt like an outsider. Instantly, I bond with a group of friendly, down to earth people I've met and starting to see myself loving each moment I'm with them, spending time with them, tinkering our smartphone gadgets with social updates, making a pose anywhere in any angle in our cameras and having fun meeting newbie bloggers, PR people and Company Representatives. I see every occasion as a positive boost of energy for me. 

Each event we attend is different, from restaurant reviews, product launching, food tasting, tech  gadget reviews, travel reviews, Beauty and fashion reviews and many more to mention.

"My passion in blogging started 2003 but it was an on and off relationship with my blog because of work priorities. My original blog site now is nonexistence. But now, with a loving and supportive community of bloggers, writing reviews and blog post is a time of reminiscing wonderful moments with them."

"Joining this blogging community, encourage me to pursue my dreams and I have no regrets. My love in meeting new people in different walks of life had brought me to Davao Bloggers Society, with such a diverse group of different niches. Yet at the same time, the community vibe is there. No matter what our social, economic or educational status, we've all got the same interest and passion."

We are also very lucky to have got the best pick of officers who never get tired of producing successful events."

Last April 12, another highlight of the blogging community happened, the DBS Acquaintance Party 2014 at Bucket Shrimps Seafood Restaurant, my 2nd acquaintance party attended at DBS. Another set of newly elected DBS Officers takes their oath with the outgoing DBS President Dulce Lada 

Davao Bloggers Society Officers of 2014 - 2016! 

+ President: Andrew Abella Dela Serna
+ Vice-President: Arjay Legere
+ Secretary: Algene Cutamora
+ Treasurer: Vanessa Mabini
+ Content Manager: Julz Tolentino
+ Social Media Manager: Naprey Almario
+ Events Coordinator: Chamee Pecson
+ I.T. Specialist: Kevin Paquet
+ Membership Coordinator: Glen Santillan

I was excited about the raffle prizes (minor and major), and yours truly was the first blogger who won the minor prize tumbler. I may not be very lucky that night, but I'm happy to congratulate all the winners of major prizes, namely: Dawn Villahermosa (Cebu Pacific round-trip ticket Davao-Bacolod), and Claudine Chua who won an overnight accommodation for two at Tune Hotels Davao.
Team "Powerpoof"
There's also the enjoyable DBS Trivia games, our group name was "Powerpoof" team. We may not win that night, but every moment was lots of fun.

Davao Bloggers were very thankful for the all out support of the following list of sponsors whose always generous in DBS events namely: 
Krispy Kreme
Smart Communications 
Truly being a Blogger is more than a status quo. My advice to people seeking ways to become a member of Davao Bloggers Society: "To love what you do, love all the members, stay humble and positive, be yourself always." 

Davao Bloggers Society Family
Photo credits www.coffeechic.com
Davao Bloggers Society Family
Photo credits www.coffeechic.com

For more updates on events of Davao Bloggers, please check DB Central http://m.davaobloggers.net or follow our instagram and twitter @davaobloggers.


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