Brother Color Manila Run 2015 Davao Leg

The Brother Color Manila Run has caught Davao and I've had an amazing Sunday since I'm privilege to be part of the bloggers to join the event. 

Honestly, I'm not an active runner,my last run I was not able to finish 3k but this is an excellent first step for me as a newbie runner to experience fun run and the same time, enjoying the color powder throwing as much as I can.

Brother Color Manila Run Davao leg not only brought the colors but also brought in great music and party environment at the same time.

I was at the venue around 5:00 am to claim my kit and registered to run only 3k. To those who go with the 6 kilometers, the finishers received a free Brothers Ink Pillow because it represent the 6,000 pages print output of the latest Brother's New Refill Tank System printer.  
I was able to meet my Blogger friends Mommy Lovely, and Quima.

The run starts at the Crocodile Park and proceeds to Diversion Road and u-turn back to Crocodile Park and eventually to the finish line. 

I had fun watching people being thrown with color powder and some of them were even rolling over the color powder and having the time of their life. The first color stations was distributed at the first kilometer of the race starting with fuschia pink, green, blue, and yellow. After all the color stations, it was about 3 kilometers worth of road going to the high way. 

I ended the race looking still clean at the finish line. There's still the color powder ceremony to get colored by the color powders. It was a party after the race as Color Manila brought in great host and DJs to make the event even greater after party.
I had the chance to have a photo snap with Mommy Lovely and Robert at the Photo booth.
Lastly, the highlight of the event was the color powder ceremony and it's amazing watching the color powder ceremony, were people had great music, friends and a festive color atmosphere to enjoy.

Great Job Brother At Your Side - Philippines and Color Manila


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