Search for "Ginang Alaska" 2016: AlaskaMazing Moms 2016

To show women the chance to champion health and community togetherness while performing roles as wives and mothers, a Search for Ginang Alakas 2016 was concluded last October 22, 2016 at People's Park Davao.

This search started first in Davao and will end come December this year, and is still open to all legally married women aged 25 to 40 years old,  at least 5'2" in height, and must have at least 2 years of college education. They must likewise be fun-loving, witty and emotionally, morally and physically fit.

Adjudged Ginang Alaska 2016 will receive P10,000 in cash and Plaque. For the First Runner-Up, cash award of P7,000 and P3,000 await the first and second, respectively.

Criteria for judging include 30% Community Support (Submitted labels),
35% Culinary Skills (Nutritional value, use of Alaska Evaporated Filled milk/Alaska
         Sweetened Condensed milk in recipe, creative presentation, originality, taste),
20% Interview (One on One Interview, Personality),
15% Talent(Family participation in Talent portion)
100% TOTAL

The 35% criteria for Culinary skills category shall be based on the Alaska Breakfast Cooking Showdown, 10% of the points will come from the judges appointed from the audience and the 25% will come from the appointed Alaska judges.

Alaska-mazing Moms Davao City

A successful event happened during that day, as hundreds of Davaoenos, joined the Free Alaska-mazing Moms Community Zumba at People's Park, Davao City and enjoyed lots of raffle prizes.
Here are the photos:

Congratulations sa mga Alaska-mazing Moms ng Davao City!
Grand Winner: Ailene Caracol, Ginang No. 8
1st runner up: Meriam Perez, Ginang No. 12
2nd runner up: Conchiga Camporedondo, Ginang No. 1

Here are the Upcoming Event Location:

***Photo Credit to Ginang Alaska FB Page
**Photo Credit to Naprey Almario


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