Today is the day to start collecting Starbucks stickers to get on the GORGEOUS Starbucks Philippines' 2017 Planners.

There are 2 designs to choose from Starbucks Siren and Coffee Swirls, both done in hardbound cloth covers.

 I love the add-ons:  erasable pen, a Macchiato magnetic bookmark, cute coffee stickers, discount coupons, and a zip cloth pouch that doubles as a pen case as it keeps the planner clean.

To avail the Starbucks Planner, you know the drill: Fill out a promo card with 18 stickers by buying a combination of drinks from the holiday and regular beverage menu, and you get one planner.

Visit; follow,; follow @starbucksph on Instagram, #StarbucksPlannnerPH, #StarbucksPlanner

Great gift for yourself or for your friends.


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