Traveller’s New Shopping Destination>>> Davao Pasalubong Center

Jul 18, 2012

Traveller’s New Shopping Destination

Davao Pasalubong Center

The best place to buy souvenir shirts, native products, and Davao specialties to take home
is now strategically located at Palma Gil Street (Formerly DepEd bldg., beside People’s Park) Davao City and opens from 10:00am until 7:00 pm. 

Delightfully Colorful. Feast your eyes on the stretch of merchant stores brimming with high quality and hand-woven Davao crafts, unique home decors. Slippers, bags, and other items made of raw material like coconut, wood, leather, etc.

                      Proudly Davao made products 

Various Souvenir Items

              More Souvenir Items
Wide selection of quality Davao products

Pasalubong Center also sells processed foods, bottled sauces of PadreNinno’s Gourmet,  Mommy Babes Durian Pie, Buko Pie, Pineapple Pie, Apple Pie, Buko Pinya Pie
Mommy Babes Pies
Papats Home of Davao's Best Ham
Timtum’s Pies N’ Grill Home of Davao’s Delicious Cakes & Pastries  and Papats Home of
Davao’s Best Ham.
Timtum's Pies N' Grill
Tip: Before making a purchase, make sure to haggle for lowest prices especially when buying in bulk.

Palma Gil Street, Davao City 8000
Phone (082) 222-1956
Visit the Center's Facebook page


Franc Ramon said...

It's nice to see everything you need in one roof including original crafted Davao products.

Wanderer Juan said...

I missed this place when my sister and I went to Davao last month. This looks like a good place to get souvenirs and other items.

Francis Balgos said...

Wow! buying Souvenir items with the comfort of a mall..
Though personally, I had stopped buying souvenirs for friends when I travel, not unless the item is unique and new that I havent seen from the many places I've been.
Still this is worth the visit, if you have time to kill like waiting for the next flight home.

Kim Nieves said...

I will definitely visit Davao Pasalubong Center on my trip to Davao! :)

DiaryniGracia said...

Davao n atalaga ang isa sa mga the best destination sa Pilipinas kakaiba kasi mga pwede ipasulong dito pag uwi mo. .napaka ganda pa ng mga spots dito. .

papaleng said...

Wow! another business establishment that will bring pride to Davao. Gusto ko na tuloy pumunta riyan.

FoodQuest said...

I've never been to Davao, but if ever in the future I'll have the chance to do so, I will check out this place to buy my Pasalubong.

markpogi said...

Good thing there is a one-stop-shop in Davao where one can find what they desire.

Gigi Beleno said...

This will surely help a lot of tourists, saves time in buying all the necessary pasalubong.

joy said...

It is great to find a one-stop shop for pasalubongs and other touristy items :)

Claire said...

Never been to the pasalubong center but I will visit it when I get back to Davao City

Shirgie said...

I saw this place when I was still in Davao. This is at the back of People's Park. I'm happy to read blogs about Davao.

Gabz | Pinoy Travel Freak said...

Thanks for the info! Very helpful for my trip to Davao later this year. :)

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